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Cat Attract litter - does it really work? (long, sorry)

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I've been having a problem with Pixie lately going outside of the box. First it was pooping on the rug a couple times, then she started peeing in the bathtub. This went on for a couple days and then it was off to the vet. Because she was pooping first the vet thought it more likely to be behavioral rather than being sick, but she went on antibiotics for 10 days just to make sure anything that might be in her system would be cleared up. The vet visit/medicine did the trick for about 2 weeks (but I think it just may have traumatized her that much, she hates the vet), in that time she only pooped once on the rug but then stopped. Well she started it again so I called the vet to see if she should come back in and I explained everything and they recommended the Cat Attract litter first to see if she'll revert back to using the box. If this stuff doesn't work, it's back to the vet and she'll probably be put on some sort of medicine to modify the behavior (not something I want to have to do for her & for me).

So long story short - has anyone else used this stuff and does it actually work?
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I tried using it with Molly, and it didn't work for me.
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A friend of mine has just started trying that for her kitten, who has gotten a clean bill of health from 2 different vets but continues to sporadically use her couch and bed as a litter box.

Since she just started yesterday I cannot vouch for long term, but apparently she had barely set up the boxes with the new litter when both her cats came in and immediatly used it.
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Yes, it worked for Cody. She was having problems and I tried everything! I finally got this litter and also some Feliway Behavior Modification Spray. I sprayed that in the places I didn't want her to go...it calmed her I think. We haven't had an accident since, knock on wood!!
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Thanks for the responses. Seems like a mixed response, oh well I can only hope.

Milo went and used it immediately, but he'll use any litter (not a picky boy). He also makes more of a production than Pix does, so I don't usually know when she's going. I guess a big test is seeing if the bathtub is clean when I get home. I'm really hoping to not have to give her medication, she can be pretty damn evil at times and giving her the liquid antibiotic was not easy. Having to do a pill every day - I don't know if I can handle it.
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Just wanted to update this - Day 1 with Cat Attract went well! No peeing in the bathtub, yay!!!! Hopefully it'll continue to work.
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