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Adams Flea Shampoo

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Is Adams flea and tick shampoo ok for cats? Peanut Butter had acouple of fleas on him when we got him-- i had to wait to get some advantage for him as he was 4 weeks old when we got him ( long story) the advantage didnt do anything-- my house is flea treated (about 3 weeks ago) and my Chinese Crested (she has some hair and shows fleas bad) that shares a bed and the house with peanut butter has NO fleas-- she hasnt been treated with frontline in over 6 months-- -- PB isnt ridden with fleas but i see an occasional flea on his white fur. He also is indoor only cat--

I got some frontline and tried that and it didnt make a difference either-- that was 3 weeks ago--

Can i bathe PB in adams flea tick shampoo ? is it safe?

Its been so long since i have had fleas and a kitten im not really sure-- PB is about 16 weeks now.

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I wouldn't but that is just me. Did you purchase your frontline and advantage from your vet or some other place? There are lots of counterfeits around of these that are not near enough potent, or dangerous to give your pet. You should also treat your home if you have that many fleas- advantage and frontline do not kill fleas instantly, it is a slow but thorough process
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Hissy-- thanks for your reply-- my home has been treated-- my indoor dogs do not have any fleas and they havent had frontline on them in about 6 months- Just PB my kitten. Both the advantage and frontline was purchasedfroma vet-- i used to use frontline on my dogs when i was coming out of vet school several years ago but havent had to use it for about 6 months now-- Frontline and Advantage used to work really well-- I dont know why its not working now-- I bought the frontline from a different vet than i did the advantage so i am pretty sure its different lot numbers at each vets. I just dont understand why its not working--

Guess im just gonna have to risk a bath with PB-- dont know what else to do to get the fleas under control.
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