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Unintentional Clawings

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My kitty, Spidey, likes to be on you. But he also gets very scared if he thinks he is falling and many times when he jumps on you, he doesn't quite make it. When he is falling off or didn't quite make it, he hangs on with his claws. It really hurts. He scratches me through jeans. He is really careless with his claws, and yes, I trim them. He just has no clue. I've tried to show him the blood and make him smell it, thinking that would help, but still, clueless. He doesn't really get 'no' either. Any suggestions? He's killing me!
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To be honest, I have tried a lot of the training but nothing seems to work with that one. It's hard to train them because then they think it's bad to jump on you. The few I have that do that only do it on occasion and when they do it, if I get hurt I know it's nail clipping time..LOL.
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Well, it sort of started when he was little. We got him as a timy feral kitten and he loved to climb up you vertically. It was sooo cute, and he weighed next to nothing, so it didn't take much for him to hang on. Now, he just doesn't realize how big he is, and oh boy does it hurt! I have claw marks all over me!
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LOL, I have scars all over the place now. I have one kitten right now who is famous for this. This morning, I woke up with a nice scratch on my hand and I have no idea where it came from. I think it's just part of the job
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Yes, I'm starting to thing it is their way of marking you 'mine'. Small price to pay, I guess. He sure is a cutie.
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and the scars to prove it! I don't know what you can do about it, I have tried everything short of catapulting the cat across the room. Kabota will sneak up to me in the yard and while my back is turned he will leap to the small of my back to get to my shoulders! OUCH!
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me tooooooo - I just think it's part of the deal (ouch) hehehehehe
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Fitzy was like that when I first got him. It seemed like he didn't know when to keep them in and when to use them. He jumps on me all the time and likes to bat at my face and with the claws out it can hurt. I know it sounds crazy but I started telling him to keep them in when he was on me. Now if he starts with the batting, I tell him "keep those claws in" and he'll pull them in immediately.
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