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New Windows for the Apartment

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I won't be on much today till later this afternoon as the new windows are supposed to go in starting about 9 this morning. About 6 weeks ago I went to pull down one of the windows and the bottom of the sash just came plumb off in my hand. Then the glass fell out. The wood was rotted. the owners of the building decided to just go ahead and teplace the whole window with new vynil ones so I get 4new ones today and when he starts on it I am just going to cut out for the day,. The boys are going down to Mikes apt for the day to play with Orion and Whiskey. I will be around enough to get some before and during and after pictures tho so that is something to look foward to to enliven our otherwise dreary lives....smirk..lol.chortle.
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Like anyone who has a cat can really have a dreary life...lol
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I hope they get it done quick! In and out! Sometimes they can take forever to install something. Enjoy your day!
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They replaced the windows in my old apartment when I lived there. I didn't yet adopt Summer until a month later, but I still remember it was a pain in the butt to move everything away from the windows, and wait while they replaced the windows in all of the other apartments in our building....good luck with all that!
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It will be nice having new windows (plus more energy efficient!)
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The new windows have been in for a couple of hours now and they are really nice. I am still rehanging blinds, curtains ant moving furniture around but thought Id take a break from that and check in.
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