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Clingy Kitty

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Hi, I have a part-Russian Blue Cat who is approaching her 3rd birthday. She has always been a bit of a character, pretty independent, and although she loves being patted, and having her belly rubbed, she has never been one of these cats who sits on your lap...until recently!!! I am concerned. She hasn't had any major changes in her life. She is a completely inside cat, so she isn't being bullied or harrassed. She just seems set on getting up on our lap at every chance, and sometimes follows us around just under foot and we trip on her. Is this clinginess a worry???

ALSO she seems to have an unnatural obsession with biting things that are made of plastic or rubber (eg - hot water bottle bit the dust the other day!) And she decided to eat the straps of my bathers once because they had rubber elastic in them...I am concerned because it poses as a choking hazard. This has been the case since she was a kitten so this is not a new behaviour for her! Any suggestions?? Is it a common problem?
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First a question...Has she had a check up from the vet lately?

I have noticed some of my cats behavior changed as they got older.
Some have gone from clingy to independant and vice versa. If she has had a check up recently and checked out ok, maybe her change of behavior is just because she's growing up.

Onto the plastic...yeah, that seems to be a common thing with cats, about 3 of mine have a plastic fetish! I have to constantly be on the look out because if it's handy they'll be chewing on it!
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Because of her habit of eating rubber items, I would run her into the vet and ask for check up and even x-rays. It is always a danger when they eat foreign objects because of what the item will do in their system after it has time to decompose- or it can stay and block them. Also examine what you are feeding her and go to a better quality food because it sounds like she might have pica
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Hi Stormy and Hissy,

Thanks for the advice! She hasn't got anything healthwise wrong with her...she just seems to be not herself. I am thinking it might be because she senses that we are stressed out, because my husband started a new job...I think this is when she started it thinking back! Smart kitty I guess. Its annoying though when you are trying to go to the loo and shes trying to jump up on your lap!!!!!

In regard to the pica, she doesn't really eat it, I think she just feels compelled to chew it. And as for eating good quality food - I WISH she would eat it. We have tried all the top brands and she refuses to eat it. She adores these little gourmet tins though at around $1.50 a go! (Don't know how healthy they are though!) She just refuses to eat all the good balanced biscuit meal things, and I think we are limited over here (Australia) for the good quality tinned stuff. I think I might have to import!!! Any suggestions!?
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