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I will be forever safe from vampires and my arteries are as slick as a whistle! There is NO such thing, as too much garlic
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I love garlic...but I hate the way it makes me smell!
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Both Brad and I love garlic!!!! the more garlic the better!!!!!!!
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Roasted cloves of elephant garlic spread on warm bagget bread mmmmmmm.
More garlic please?
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I like it =)
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I really thought that more ppl would hate it!

Last night, all this talk of garlic got my taste buds going so I ended up having a garlic chicken kiev

Mr Guin was not very impressed with the stink in the kitchen though....
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I like fresh garlic in many dishes, as long if the taste is mild, but I don't like it if it overpowers a dish and garlic is all you can taste and smell.
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Mmmm... Gahhhlic.... bring it on!!! I love garlic and olive oil bread dip....
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I never really used a lot of fresh garlic until I met Joe. He's Italian & from NY, so he loves it. Now I do, too.
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I love garlic! I could eat garlic with every meal every day
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Garlic butter on hot yeast bread!
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We cooked out yesterday. The fish had chives and garlic, the potatoes were baked with garlic, the squash, red peppers, onions, & aspagarus had basil, thyme, oregano, chives, rosemary, and garlic.
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