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I own three persians. One which is seven years old is having a tough time adjusting. She eats and drinks but is not gaining much weight, her fur growth is slow and she just looks depressed and blah. Until about a week ago she is making more appearances and not hiding as much. We haven't been able to groom her because we don't want her to go through any needless trauma. But she is looking dirty and in need of a radical shave. Should I wait or go ahead and trim/bathe her? She is getting along well with the other cats. But she doesn't play or show any enthusiasm.
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You don't make it clear what she is adjusting to? How long have you had the cats? HAve you just moved, changed life situation etc? Could you provide a few more details? Thanks
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Yup, ditto.

Grooming shouldn't be a trauma. Where did you get the Persian in question from?
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