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Getting a Butterfly Bush~~!

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I am getting a Butterfly Bush, a Black Knight, as they say. The most common ones are light lilac in color, and they smell like lots of miniature lilac blooms shaped in a cone. They look like a huge firecracker! We are getting one in dark indigo, and planting grasses all around in a circle, and then as it grows it will pop up out of the circle of grasses by our front door! They last most of the summer, too. I am very excited! Does anyone have one of these???
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I've never heard of them before, but they sound wonderful.
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Friends of ours do. They're quite lovely! Congratulations!
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Ooooh yes Eddie and they're wonderful. They're called Buddleia and they are wonderful for attracting the butterflies to your garden. My dad has a special interest in butterflies and moths and this is the first bush he planted. It's usually teeming with beautiful butterflies.

Depending on the variety though, they do have a tendency to shoot up (mine is 20ft high now) so good pruning is essential if you want it to be a compact bush. They take pruning really well though.

Can't wait to see piccies of your butterfly bush.
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They are lovely! My Mum has a few in her garden! It really is lovely when it is covered in butterflies! Just watch out for hunting kitties!
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So beautiful, Eddie!
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My mother and I have always had Buddleias in our gardens, different colours from almost white to deep purple. They are lovely and very hardy, but they can seed themselves very quickly so you will need to take out seedlings if you don't want your garden overrun! They do attract butterflies, but also bees so be careful.
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We have the wrong place Despite some aggressive pruning on my part, it is a monster by this time of the year. We may dig it up and replant and try a different way of pruning it (we have it currently in a front bed along the front of the house - it drapes over the walkway by July, and is taller than the roof gutter...oops!)

Yes...butterflies, bees, spiders (white crab-legged ones) and one hummingbird! The smell is divine
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Yes, Eddie - I have five of them. I planted them outside the garage side door so when I walk out I get to walk out into a cloud of butterflies in the summer They smell like honey. They also do O.K. in flower arrangements (last 3 days or so) Give them a sunny spot and plenty of room because they can get pretty big
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Both my Mom and I have one! They are beautiful. I was just watching a little butterfly around my Moms plant in this past weekend. Mine is a bit small and I don't really think it likes where I planted I may have to move it. But they are pretty...and I have seen some beautiful butterflies in my backyard!!
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Oooh that will look just lovely! I've never seen one before, good luck with it!
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They're lovely!!! My grandma has one and butterflies DO flock to them!!! You are gonna LOVE it, E!! Congrats!
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The plants are sold here but are only marginally hardy-basically they will die back to the ground and come as a new plant every year. I had one several yrs ago but it only was about 4-5 ft tall but even though I had it in a protected spot it never came back!
They are beautiful shrubs however.
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Originally Posted by GailC
-basically they will die back to the ground and come as a new plant every year. .

Here is a pic I took a few days ago

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Aww, I want one now!! E, can I have a cutting of yours????
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WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just slapped this puppy up there and thought, "who the heck is gonna have one of these things???" and this is great! I am so excited!!!
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Originally Posted by kittylover4ever
Aww, I want one now!! E, can I have a cutting of yours????

Of course you can! can I deliver it in person? Actually, Pat said hers is huge, we could mooch off Pat.
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Ohhh Patttttttttttttttttttt...................
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I'm here...frazzled beyond belief at the was that? You want me to overnight a cutting from my butterfly bush?
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I love butterfly bushes - my (now ex) landlord has several of them around the swimming pool and I love to lay on the floater on the water and watch the butterflies and hummingbirds around them - hummingbirds really do LOVE them!!!! They are so pretty!
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