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First time tomorrow

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Well, I'm going to go to mom and dad's for the first time tomorrow since Max and Justin have passed. I really don't want to go because I know Max won't be there to greet me like he always did. I have thought about him so much the past few days and I am not looking forward to going to my parent's knowing my dog won't be there. Could ya'll send me luck that I will be ok and not cry? I know I probably will as soon as I walk in. I won't here that bark and I won't see the tail wag. It'll be hard but I just need some vibes please.

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Courtney, it will be hard, especially that first time. Let yourself cry for Max. He's been a very special part of your life. I'm sure your parents will understand...
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I wish you all the luck in the world. I agree with Heidi...let yourself cry. In the long run, it will help you get through it more easily.
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Ditto what Heidi said. And Courtney? sweetie! It won't be easy, but you gotta do it sometime -- may as well be now.
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Just remember, Courtney, we'll all be there with you in thought!
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I am sorry But I am sure once you have this first time over then it will get easier and easier each time you go. Just think of the great memories
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Aw Courtney! Definite vibes coming your way. How sad.
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Courtney, it will be different and sad, but try to remember all the good times..........in time, they will outweigh the sad......lots of good vibes coming your way!
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Aw, I'm sorry Courtney . I cannot say anything that hasn't already been said, but sending good vibes your way that you are able to hold up and get through the visit OK {{{{{}}}}}.
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I hope your visit goes well. Remember the memories of Max.
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Dear Courtney......IMO is ok if you want to Cry... you loved at your friends and they lives in your heart! .....I feel the same that you feel right now... don´t be afraid...
Good luck and my best wishes to you! ....
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After my brother's dog, Athena, passed away I cried when I walked into the empty house. She was very special to me and cheered me up during a sad time in my life. Like everyone else said, allow yourself to cry if you need to and think of the happy times.
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Well, all went surprisingly well. I was sad at first but didn't cry. I didn't feel like I had to. It was hard not to hear him bark or greet me at the door but I did well. I mean, I'm still sad and it's hard but it's getting better. Thank you everyone for your prayers and thoughts while I'm going through all these hard times. It's great to know you always have someone to count on here at TCS! I love you, guys!
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