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I've got two questions for ya!

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1. I have my kits on CA Natural and cooked chicken. Lola is right on the low-end of average size for her age...she weighs in at around 4 pounds, 4 ounces. She's pretty skinny, though not malnourished and has been examined for possible reasons as to her skinniness. The conclusion was that she's totally fine and maybe a bit on the hyper side and runs off a lot of her fat. My question is this: should I have her (and I don't see why I shouldn't include Leo) eating a vitamin supplement with their chicken? I want to make sure they're getting enough of everything. They both have clean bills of health and appear to be totally fine, but I was wondering what you guys thought. If so, what kind of supplement should I get them? These kitties, even with methods trying to get me to use their natural urge for food, still stubbornly refuse wet food, so cooked chicken is the best compromise I could think of.

2. The vet tech recently gave me some Revolution. My kitties are inside cats and we don't have a problem with mosquitoes (or any other bug, really) here and I'm just hesistant to use meds that they don't really need. The vet tech, who seemed young and inexperienced (she was new...I didn't recognize her), inisisted I take a sample pack. I know how vets can be forced to be as far as peddling products, so I just thought I'd ask you guys.
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1: No, I would not supplement her diet...the brand you are using is a good one and shouldn't need you to be giving a seperate vitamin/mineral supplement. However, if her coat were in poor condition, or your vet felt she was not utilizing her food as well as she could, then I'd ask them what they think of you giving her digestive enzymes. I know Dr. Goodpet is one source.

2: Nope...I wouldn't use any medication unless I was seeing fleas due to them coming in from my garden on my clothes , or I had a dog bringing things in.

jest my 2 cents!
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1. Ya know, CJ is a very small cat, too, and I was so worried the same way you are. Even now, as a full grown cat she is about 6 lbs, while Billy is probably about 13-14, but I've realized that's just how she is. Annie is the same way, too. Since Annie and Mirah's vitamins taste SO good, and the older cats fight over them, I give them some of hers, even though she doesn't NEED it, but it won't hurt. If you're worried, ask your vet about FeloVite or NurtiCal... that's my opinion.

2. I have Advantage, but I don't put it on them regularly... I put it on them when they need it.
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1) i dont think she would need it. My dutchy full grown weighs only 5lbs shes very petite and active. typical calico

2) only use it if you Need it i would say. Revolution is pretty good and safe thats what we use here when we have to.
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Nope for the fact it is a very good food ...

I use an herbal okayed by the vet once a month..
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