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Since we got Ruby the cats are still very wary of her - justifiably so, she gets SO excited when she's near them that she kind of lunges for them and then runs away - she's a very big puppy and very boisterous so it's quite intimidating. While I am certain she would not hurt them, we are continually putting them in the bedroom when Ruby comes inside, and as a result they are having no contact at all.

Sunday doesn't seem to have a lack of confidence around Ruby - she grew up with German Shepherds and dogs don't scare her - but she still hisses and swats if Ruby gets too close. Sashka, however, still runs and hides - although she will turn and hiss as well. They seem like they know she's just being rambunctious but they don't want to be near her anyway.

Does anyone have any ideas on how I can get them in physical contact without danger to either the cats or Ruby? We need to establish trust, here, and it is taking a while. Having said that, I'm sure when Ruby calms down and matures, and doesn't get overexcited by new things (especially new, small, furry, alive things!), the cats will come to trust her more.