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High Fever/need vibes please!

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I just got back from the vet and Sammy has a high fever. They gave him an antibiotic shot and a half baby aspirin. He didn't limp at the vets (note in another post I spoke mostly of the fact he had been limping) but it might be cause he is on guard there.

I am very nervous, if he doesn't improve I need to take him back for more tests.

I will be praying tonight.
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I hope your kitty will be ok. How old? Does he go ouside?
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Originally Posted by emb_78
I hope your kitty will be ok. How old? Does he go ouside?
Thank you, yes he goes outside, I have posted a lot here that I struggled with it. He never adjusted to being indoor only. I caved in. Gosh if he has FIV I will never forgive myself. There aren't any strays around here that I know of, just a few cats across the street.
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Marge..I just posted on your other thread here. I want you to know that I will be praying that your sweet kitty will recover with no other problems.
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I was reading about FIP too, one sign is that they don't get over a fever when using antibiotics. I am suppose to contact the vet if he isn't better in two days. I am freaked out, I am probably going to be following the poor little guy around for some positive signs.
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Slow down... I'm sure it isn't FIP. He would be bloated, have signs of a URI etc... He probably just got into something... I suggest you don't let him outside, or else vax for FIV, Feleuk, FIP, Rabies, Distemper!!!
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Yeah I am over reacting, it's just that I seriously thought he had a sprain and had NO idea he was feverish. I mean he wasn't himself but certainly didn't act sick, he still wanted to go out and eat grass, he ate. I mean I am in shock a bit.
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Deep breaths! He will be OK - he doesn't need you to stress him or yourself out any more than he already is (Please remind me of this when mine get sick!). Good thing you took him in. Give him some lovin's and make sure he drinks and eats.
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I am sorry glad you had him in, sending prayers for him to begin feeling better asap.
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Marge, you and Sammy will be included in my prayers tonight. I hope everything is ok.
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Thanks everybody, I think I'm freaking out cause if he doesn't respond to the antibiotics then it's a REALLY bad sign.And so if he isn't better by say this time tomorrow I have reason to be worried. But yes, he will sense if I am upset. I gotta snap out of it.

So far he has mostly slept, he is sleeping in the closet now, not highly unusual, he has done that before, but it's bothering me he is hiding, don't cats do that more likely if they are still in pain?
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He came out of the closet and sleep on my lap for a bit. His ears don't feel hot. Well he is alert and actually jumped earlier so I hope all is well.

Tomorrow I am taking his temp, I hope he doesn't hate me.
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Please let us know how his temp is in the morning. Get some rest if you can. I'm sending lots of positive healing thoughts your way tonight.
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I will thank you, I hope I can sleep tonight.
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Marge, I hope Sammy responds well to the antibiotics. Good vibes coming your way.
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DEEEEEEPPPPP breathes and here a
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I hope Sammy is feeling better today
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(((((Healthy vibes))))) for Sammy coming your way Marge
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Thanks everyone, much better today *sigh* Is his old self, I am going to take his temp a little later so that should be the formal indicator, but we were playing this morning so I feel good.
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Yes, very relieved. My silly billy is on my lap now purring away.

Thanks everyone, it really really helped to come here.
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Awww bless him

Everyone relax!
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Sammy, you little sweetie gave Mommy quite a scare.
I am so glad that you are feeling better today.
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I just caught this thread. I am so happy Sammy is better!!!
What a nerve racking day for you though! I totally understand because I'm the same way when my kitties aren't feeling well.
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I took his temp, I used an old fashioned glass one, and he only let me keep it in place for like 2 minutes, the reading was 100.5. I hear at that much time the only variation is .5. So I think we are ok, plus he is eating and has catitude again today.

Of course I will keep up the anti biotics until it's done though.
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Yeah! I'm so happy it seems to have worked out for you!
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