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Is that a Pillow?

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LOL!...I just took this picture of my big GoGo (All spread out in his glory) napping in my chair... He almost looks like a BIG pillow until you see his little ear poking up on the right....Just thought I'd share

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OMG KIM!!!!!! I had to do a double take when I saw your name! It's good to see you back here!!

And GoGo...what a silly boy you are! Better watch out or someone will come along and fluff you!
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Oh! isn't he just like a pillow as well
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Great siggy! Definitely one of the best I've seen yet!
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Awww, what a soft, comfy pillow!!!
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Is it nap-time yet? I see a cute, comfy pillow!
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Wow!! Where can I get one?
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oh my...what a big sweet looking
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Originally Posted by vespacat
Great siggy! Definitely one of the best I've seen yet!
Oh, I just remembered that you probably haven't seen Kim before! She is the Graphics Queen of TCS. I am so envious of her talents.

Kim! Care to tell us where you have been hiding? And don't you dare say under GoGo!

Good to see you again!

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wayyyyy to adorable, should be on the caption this photo contest!!!
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I really miss this board and I am glad to have such a sweet reception. I plan to stick around more often...My reason for leaving...well....that's another thread...possibly a "Drama Thread" Hmmmmm....maybe not worth getting into, LOL! (Such a long story)


I miss you guys! And I thank you for loving my boys!!

Love - Kim (the "trying to resurface Kim" ~grin~)
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Great photo and love the siggie too!

Welcome back from your awol stance, nice to meet you!
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Hey, that pillow doesn't match your chair...
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Hey you! Sorry I missed your call, it has been crazy over this way. I haven't had a chance to even slow down. Nice to see you back on boards. Hope your life is smoothing out some-
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Great picture..I also have a "big" orange tabby named Dexter...
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Oh my gosh...just want to snuggle right up in there with him...doesn't look like there's room, though! Scoot over, boy!
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Long time no see Kim!!! GoGo looks comfy as a pillow!
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