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Kitty adjusting to new husband

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I have a couple of concerns. I'm getting married in less than 2 months and am a little worried about how Josie will react to a new person living with us. She's very opinionated, vocal and rules the roost. Sometimes she lets him pet her and sometimes she hisses at him when he comes over to my house. How do I help her like him? Also, she'll be dealing with moving to a new home at the same time.
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Who is the head of the household and who makes rules? You or your kitty? So let her know that. Cats are adaptable and she will learn to accept your life changes. Don't be owned by her.
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I had a very spoiled Siamese when we got married. I say spoiled because she and I lived alone for many years. The first time my husband came to bed with me she literally lay under the covers stretched full out between us. I lifted her up, gave her some cuddles and gently moved her to the bottom of the bed. It took a bit of time, but she got the message and accepted him. She was never "close" to him, but she was wonderful when our daughter came along. She allowed Jennifer to be near her and would even allow her to be a bit rough with her ears and tail. She was marvellous and I miss her still.
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There are some tricks you can do that will help her accept the new man in her life. Hopefully he's willing to put in a little time and effort with her.

First, have him feed her. Food = good to kitties. If he can't feed her regularly, have him give her treats. Also, ask him to get an old t-shirt good and sweaty (like work out in it, not just wear it for days straight ), and put that underneath her food bowl. She will come to associate him and his smell as a good thing. Also, let him spend time playing with her. Basically, let him be a very positive thing in her life so she knows that good things happen when this guy is around.
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