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Flea dirt

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We got our kitten from an animal shelter 3 months ago. He has this huge patch of flea dirt under his chin which we have tried brushing, wiping with pet shampoo and damp cloth etc. It barely makes a difference. He doesn't have fleas, but we just can't get rid of the nasty flea dirt! The vet says to just scratch at it with our nails (ick). Does anyone have any ideas?
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other than what your vet suggested i dont have any....have you tried useing a flea comb?
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Are you sure it's flea dirt and not feline acne?
I have one boy here with a bad case of acne, looks just like flea dirt on the chin.
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That's because it isn't flea dirt, it is more than likely feline acne. Do you feed from plastic bowls? Change to glass, ceramic or metal. Take some warm water and mix it with hydrogen peroxide. Take a cotton ball and dip it in the mixture, and gently rub in a circular motion, under the chin. Then dry with new cotton rolls. Do this several times a day and in a few days time, you should see this leaving.

Be sure that your wash out the water bowl daily, and make sure they have clean fresh water on hand - consider getting a pet fountain as well-
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Good advice. why didnt i think of feline acne..lol i need a nap
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He's got the "black pepper" effect so I figured it had to be flea dirt.

He rarely has plastic plates but I will make sure never to use them, and to try the peroxide. Thanks!!
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For my cat, a chlorhexadine soap (Hibiclens) worked better than H2O2. And you need to wash longer than you think, because it takes a thorough soaking to get down to the skin.

In any case, you can prevent your cat getting it again in the future by just washing the chin every now and then (along with avoiding plastic bowls).
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Have you tried Relief Shampoo? It has cleared up all of my cats' skin problems. The best price I have found is at www.vetdepot.com
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Relief Shampoo, 8 oz.
Used as a cleansing shampoo and for the temporary relief of itching and flaking caused by seborrheic dermatitis."

Not indicated for feline acne, this condition requires an antimicrobial/antibacterial.
They do have shampoos on that site for this.
Our vet just has us using phisoderm facial scrub, basically the same as the Hibiclens, but cheaper.
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