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complications of spaying

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I kitty Ella was spayed last week, and I noticed yesterday that she had a swelling at the operation site. It was larger today, so I called the vet and took her in to be examined.

The vet said that the stiches had come loose and that her small intestine was protruding through her abdominal wall. If it got kinked she could get perotinitis and die. So he has to be operated on again tomorrow morning.

I am rather upset that this happened, and would like to know if others have had similar experiences. If so, why was the outcome?

Does this happen often after spaying???? My vet says it is rare.

Anyway, I hope everything goes OK. I can pick her up tomorrow, and then we have yet ANOTHER week of staying in the house with a lampshade thingie around her head
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I've never heard of it happen much?!. When Sophie was spayed, she managed to get her e- collar off, and bite a stitch out after 2 days!.

Luckily she was going for a post op check that night, and the nurse said it was healing ok, but that theres also stitches on the inside but had she got to those then she would have to be put under again to have it restitched.

Had Ella been nibbling at it like Sophie do you think?.

Hope everything stays put this time with Ella though.
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I think that is quite rare! The stitches are usually made to dissolve, so if the cats body reacts different than usual, it could be a problem. My ex-h had dissolving stitches that were rejected by his body, so they worked their way out, opening his incision. Sounds like something similar may have happened with your cat. Also, sometimes a cat will pick out the stitches themselves.

I believe the chances of her having a full recovery are high. If you had not acted quickly, and the incision fully opened allowing infection in, or the bowel (intestine) had kinked...then it would have been more of a crisis. She is lucky to have such an observant owner!

It shows that it is important that we do belly checks after the spay surgery, just in case! Please update us as your kitty recovers!
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Although there is typically swelling after this surgery *usally the reaction to the tissue and the sutures* if it goes to be larger than a golf ball, vet intervention is needed. It is good that you were so alert to your cat- and I would certainly talk to the vet about discounting the second surgery if he could.
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NO,she hasnt been able to get to the wound--the bandage was still on it when I took her in. The vet says she probably ran around and played too much after she was feeling a little better. He recommends we get a cage to put her in for several days after the operation tomorrow...WAHHHH!!!!!

Though I know I did the right thing, having her spayed, I still feel guilty and sad that she has to have yet another operation at such a young age.

Let's just hope she comes through this and recovers completely this time. My nerves--and wallet--can't take much more of this.
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Wow, we just had Roo spayed on Friday so I really know what you are going through. Felt so guilty just having the op done! She has been pulling at the stitches and we have been supervising her as much as we can to stop her. Her cut was looking pink today but the vet said it's normal.

You did great to notice the problem. I know how you must be worrying but I am sure she will be fine. Let us know how it goes!
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I don't understand why more vets don't put body bandages on to prevent cats picking at stitches. It is much easier on them than an ecollar and really prevents any damage. But I have only ever met it here in Bosnia.

Here is Ellie in her bandage.

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So good that you noticed the problem. It is likely that she stretched a little too vigorously or ran/jumped just a little more than the wound could take - causing a hernia. It is common with Lily's breed because they are very active and inquisitive and something that we had to watch out for when she was spayed.

Good for you for being so observant. I hope that it all goes ok with the second surgery - I'll be sending plenty of good vibes for her and you.
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Thanbks for all the support, everyone! I'm going to pick Ella up now. I got off the phone with the vet just now, and the saurgery went really well. I'm going to keep her in a large kennel at night when I sleep and cannot watch over her. For the rest, either I or my partner will watch her to make sure she can't over-excite herself until she's healed properly.

I was just so looking forward to her being able to play in the garden again, without that damn lampshade on her head. Oh, well--one more week (we hope and pray) and all this will be just a memory......and next month it's her brother Louis's turn!!!!
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My girl is due to get spayed soon, do you think a cut sock (like when weaning kittens) would work to protect the stitches?
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Well, Ella seems to be her old self again--she's hell on wheels, actually! I can't keep her in the cage, since she just goes wild in it. I have her locked in the bedroom now (with me), and she won't leave us alone. Just begs for attention. She doesn't seem to be in any pain, just sort of insecure and wanting to be petted and held all the time.

She's eating and drinking fine, and using her litterbox. And the wound looks just fine too--sort of what I expected it to look like originally.

Let's hope that in a week or so she will be fully recovered and playing in the garden again.
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YAY!!! I'm so glad to hear that it went well and that she's back to her normal self. I bet you're so relieved it's all over. Sending lots of good recovery vibes for little Ella.
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I having heard of that happening before but I know (the vet said)that if the cat is licking the stitches,the stitches can come out.....

So soory for what happen to your cat thou...hope everythings goes ok for you
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Originally Posted by Ginger's Mum
My girl is due to get spayed soon, do you think a cut sock (like when weaning kittens) would work to protect the stitches?
I would double check with the vet. They may have the material to make the covering at the office. It needs to be something that won't pull at the stitches. Your vet or vet tech will be able to advise.
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