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Hey Guy/Gals,
I'm back with a little off the question. I have been reading that catnip is bad for pregnant woman and can cause them to lose the baby if they drink the tea for herbal reasons.My question is can it affect pregnant cats? Thanks and I know its been while but its been a wild and crazy year i finally got to go to africa to get pics it was awesome but i'll post more later about that but thanks for listening lol . I asked my vet and he said he didnt have a clue and he'd look into it so I thought I'd ask y'all..bye for now
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oh and ignore my signiture i moved and found homes for almost all of my cats but three lol i didnt want to be gone a month and have to worry about someone else taking care of them all so i adopted them outy
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Everything you need to know about Catnip

Maybe you can find the answer here
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my kitty mystique ate catnip on and off during her pregnancy, and she had seven adorable kittens. haven't heard where they can lose their babies.
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scamper i was there already thanks anyways and enigma i hadnt heard any problems but finding out what it can do to pregnant women it made me think lol so i thought id ask
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