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Cat Toys

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I think the lazer is the cooliest cat toy yet!!! Anyone have any other ideas to entertain cats?
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My cats play with my hair scrunchies ( sp?? ).....if its on the floor they go bonkers trying to "pick it up" with their paws. Pretty funny to watch.

:laughing: :laughing2 :laughing: :laughing2 :laughing: :laughing2
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Hey there Jimmy! Woohoo!! Another Canuck has joined us

My cats love their laser pen as well, they'll chase it for hours ! :rainbow: They also like cardboard boxes and anything involving catnip :LOL: There is a thread on here somewhere called 'Your Cat's Favorite Toy' you could check that out for more ideas
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Hmmmm we don't own a laser pen...... snif.... poor deprived babies.... ha ha haha.... but what do we need one of them for? We've got a computer with a cursor!!! ha ha ha ha ha..... oooo we also have a bubble light in the bedroom which the cats love to "attack" (meaning they all lay around watching it twitching their tails thinking about attacking it! )
Hmmm, oh yes....bottle tops (supervised play only of course) and money!!! (ahhh...cats after them mum... ha ha ha ha)
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I've got a toy that has cardboard attached to a wire. The attack the cardboard & the wire makes it wiggle all over the place. They are only allowed to play with this under supervision as mommy has to hold one end!
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Let's see, favorite toys around here . . .

The plastic pull-off ring that holds the lid to the milk jug (last time I was in Canada, milk came in plastic bags, but you might get them on some kind of juice bottle)

The plastic bag of plastic bags from the grocery store

Any dangling string, esp. the yarn I am knitting with. Oh, and Sparky carries the balls around the house and hides them.

Dripping tap water

Wiggling feet and typing hands

The other cat

The artificial Christmas tree - this is a chew toy, not a climbing toy

Small articles of clothing like socks or underwear - but not small stuffed animals

Q-tips / ear buds, straws, pencils, chopsticks - any kind of small straight item esp. with a bend in it
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Well, as for store-bought toys, the only ones my cats are into are what we call 'fuzzy sparkly balls'. Some thay you buy are kinda big and loose, they like the smaller ones better. These are soft little balls with this glittery tinsel like stuff sewn all through them so it sticks out. Oh, and they also like those feather wands.

They really love household items. Paper bags and boxes. Q-tips. Bottle caps. Candies in cellophane, especially the ones not twisted, but the peppermints from restaurants in a little cellophane bag. You need to be creful about some stuff that they can choke on though.My kitten really likes this giant craft store ribbon that is about 4 inches wide and 8 feet long. It went on a big present!
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my 4 cats love the sponge-like balls...they bat them around the house like they are playing soccer. I find bits and pieces of the balls all over the house. Every morning I have to go around the house and retreive the balls from under the dresser, couch, fridge, etc...the cats know this routine and wait patiently for it every day!!!
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:LOL: I can relate there...I couldn't tell you how many furry mice I have under my fridge, stove etc. I just keep buying them and the kitties just keep losing them. Another weird place they can be found is floating in the water dish. I think my little Gypsy is part raccoon, she likes to dunk her toys before she plays with them :tounge2:
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A few favorite toys Snowball finds around the house to play with are:
Any type of empty box or paper bag, even the really small ones.
The packaging from any real cat toy.
Tin foil balls.
The plastic pull ring from a milk container, and also the top when he can get it. Anything small that can be easily batted around on the floor.
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Alicat, read about the sparkley balls and for anyone else out there who's cats love these things too, you can get them at wal-mart in the craft section for MUCH less than you find at pet stores. I usually buy a pack or two every other time I go.
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Your right the lazer is a great cat toy. I experimented one day,I used it ever since then,they love it! Do you or anybody you know can give me any clues on how to construct cat towers
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