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washing machine problems!

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okay my washing machine is apparently about 20 years old.
Here is the problem i use the exact same washing powder as my mother, when she takes out her washing it smells so beautiful and when it dries you never need to put perfume on it!

i just went down to get my dry washing and it smells like vomit. (mind you i took it out right away of the washing machine when it was done so i didnt leave it for a few hours)
Does this mean its time to chuck it out? or do does anyone know why it smells so bad?
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Are the clothes washed ok Fran?!, or is there any water left anywhere?
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the clothes come out clean, and ther eis no water left anywhere it just smells like vomit
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Hmm, then your not over loading it are you?, because too many clothes in the machine means they can't get a thorough wash.

Failing that, bin it!!!
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nope, when i over load it.. it doesnt move anymore and it just uses alot more water.
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Wash there anything in the washing machine perhaps that could have caused the odor?
Can you re-wash and add some bleach to kill the smell??
Usually washing machine will stop working because of a mechanical problem when they are that old. Can you run some water into the washing machine or a pail and smell it to see if the water is causing the problem??
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we bought the washing machine off ebay in febuary, my other neighbours washing machine is fine, just mine is rotten.
My dad told me to chuck it out.. My parents plan to buy me a new one for my birthday as they dont cost that much for a new one anyway..
So if they do plan to get me one its only 3 - 4 weeks away where i have to wait
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i will go out to buy bleach soon so i can do a few washes in the machine with out clothes
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My machine is not even 2 years old, but lately I have had little black bits of stuff come out with my washing

I have been using Calgon in the washing machine (which I never used before) and it seems to be better, and it does not smell anymore! I also ran it with no clothes in just water and bleech and that seemed to clean it up a little.... so I guess you could try the bleech method?

Do you leave the door open after each wash? Cos sometimes that can make it smell if the door is closed straight away.

But, fail in all that it does seem old so maybe it is time for a new machine and I don't think they are too expensive now days either
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My suggestion is that the problem is due to (....insert the right word in englis here, since I cant remember it ) some sort of algea. That can happen with new washing machines too. To ovoid that to happen its good to wash every now and then with 95°C. Once it is there, I have a few good advises, I can only not remember all of them right now.............dont give up just yet, it this is the problem, it has nothing to do with the mechanism of the machine and is not expensice to fix.

My sister got this problem a while ago, with a new mashine, and got rid of it all. I cant reach her now, but I will try again and then reply again with some advices.

I remember that one was to put vinegar where the detergent goes and wash with no clothes in.
Another was to put bleach, I think you should then wash on cold, and then on 95°C with an empty mashine.

You could start with this, I will then add to it

Good luck! Its terrible when clean clothes stink!
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I was going to suggest putting it on the hottest setting without clothes in! Add half a lemon (in a sock, ties at the top) to the drum and the vinegar in the detergent place. The acid will clean the smell and hopefully release any blockages.

Have you checked the pipe that takes the water out? there could be a blockage, causing water to sit in the pipe?!
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oo thanks i will go down and put it on 95 with calgon.
my mum gave me some.
if that doesnt work ill go to the store tomorrow and stick 3 lemons in the washing machine
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Well, Fran I have only been using the Calgon for the last 3 washes and I can already see the difference!

But, that lemon & vinegar method that Sar has suggested seems like a good idea too - plus environmentally friendly AND cheaper!
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