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What Style do you Use?

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I know I've seen threads on this, but I've not seen one with a poll attached. In designing sigs, the way each design will look can vary drastically depending on what color it's seen against. Unless you do everything in neutrals, but I'm too much of a color type person , heh-heh. I thought it would be interesting to get some actual numbers.

Oh, I know some folks use more than one, but most folks still have a favorite they use moreso, so just put down whichever one edges out for your first!
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Wow I didn't even know you could change it Its purrple now
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Pinky Paws!!
(I'm a sucker for all things pink...I don't care how old I am.)
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I must have my pinky paws!
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Office Hours-a little less obvious, but the Royal Canin ads kinda give it away now
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I try to make this site "work related" too, but I agree the ads kind of give it away!!
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Right now I'm using blue cats but I was usibng ocean mew before and in a couplw od weeks I;ll try one of the others.
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Green eyes!
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I am just default!
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I was wondering the same thing a few days ago. I just discovered the different styles! I'm using Purrples, but I think I'll be switching often because I get tired of the same look.
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Default style...I just tried all the others, but I still feel most comfortable with the default's colors.
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Mine is the GREEN EYES to honor mY most Beloved Green Eyed child - Corkie
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Blue Cats here!!!
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Ocean Mew here
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Pinky Paws! I LOVE PINK!
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Night vision for me. I have used it ever since I joined and TCS just doesn't look right for me in any other colour now
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All right, now I find this really strange --- it looks like most of the people who have voted "Purrrples" (at least at this point,) are sig artists!

Maybe purple appeals to the artistic soul ?
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I guess that I have a default soul Cindy.
When I am asked what my favorite color is...I almost always say cream.
How blah is that?
Of course I am partially color blind. That's my excuse.
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I actually had it on Forums Default and now it's on TCS Forums Default. I like some of the colours, but they hurt my eyes after a while. If I do choose a different style, it will be Purrples.
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I didn't realize you could change it! I just changed it to Red Tabbies (of course ).
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I'm using Ocean Mew, and have been since it came out. I have changed it to some of the others, but I got so used to this one, I have to go back to it!
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Purrrples here.
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I'm a sucker for blue and orange, so I HAD to pick "ocean mew"
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I use Green Eyes at home, I used to use Pinky Paws but then it changed and I don't like it anymore.

I use Office Hours at college.

I voted Green Eyes.
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puurpplessssss TEHEHE MY know ms rosehawk i should hit you up for some more sigs...err..when you have time that is tehehe
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Originally Posted by ScamperFarms
puurpplessssss TEHEHE MY know ms rosehawk i should hit you up for some more sigs...err..when you have time that is tehehe
Send 'em on! Looks like you might be fixing to have more time too .
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