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Hi, I'm new, here. Just got new cat, on Friday. Changed his name from "Garfield" (too cliche) to "Opie". He is a mischievous redhead, after all!
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Hi, I'm new here too! This is a great site, so stick around!

Congrats on your new kitty. I like the name Opie. I've always wanted an orange kitty, but I keep getting grey tabbies. How funny. Maybe you've always wanted a grey tabby!
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Welcome katl8e.

I, too, have orange kitties, Squirt and Joey. I have a thing for the orange ones. More than one person, from the vet to the Humane Society, says they have the best personalities. I have to agree.

I hope you enjoy our site and post often.
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Welcome and meow to you! Wait till Catarina finds out you have a cat named Opie! She has an Opie too! I have 3 orange tabs and they are just wonderful! I find tht they have the most gentle and loving personalities EVER! How about a pic of your little fur ball?
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thanks to all who replied and bid me welcome. Opie is getting used to us and our home. He was owner-released to the Humane Society (they're moving). Being uprooted twice in a short time has to be disorienting for him. Soon, we hope to have a brother or sister, to keep him company. He likes to hang out under the recliner but, if someone's on the couch, he's a lap cat. Will post pix, when film developed.
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Welcome to TCS! Another member, Catarina7777, also has an Opie!

Hope to see you posting often.
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Welcome to you!! I was also going to tell you that Catarina, another member here, has a cat named Opie, but two people already beat me to it! Anyway...glad to have you with us...hope you enjoy it here.
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