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unsure where to post this - do vets visit here? I need caring help :-(  

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I'm tired so I can't write much, but I'd like to know if any DVMs ever post here and offer or give advice and offer any help at all. I would like to call and ask around from a few lists I have of holistic vets but I'm in stupid Starke, Florida, a very stupid dinky bla nothing much town so I'm not going to find much here. arg ack I just really feel the need to talk to someone supportive for some kind caring support and guidance. *sigh* This situation has been very hard on me emotionally and I really need someone to talk to. I kinda feel somewhat alone. Okay, I hope someone can help me out a little here.

Frisky's Mom
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What's the matter? We may or may not be able to help but at least we could try.
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We have several vet techs who are tcs members, and one - Dr. Doolittle - is the TCS Vet Tech Advisor. How about a synopsis here of what is happening?
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there are some vets on here. not holistic but they are on here. Hugs for you.
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Frisky's Mom, I've gotten the synopsis by going over all your past threads and posts on Frisky.

I am concerned. You aren't acknowledging the advice you are given - or the excellent link to help you find a holistic vet in your area. Is this a question of finances? Trust me, we all know what that is like, most of us set up payment plans (and have probably built our vet's latest exam rooms!).

NO one here, even a vet, is going to tell you with assurance, that this or that is wrong and to use this or would be irresponsible of someone who has not examined your cat in person. We can support you by listening, by sharing our own experiences if we've dealt with a similar diagnosis. I know you mentioned Frisky has know that means his immune system needs extra support, it also means he needs prompt diagnosis when something is wrong, so the proper treatments can be begun.

Those treatments can be via a holistic vet, but you need to find one you can work with in your area.

It rips our hearts to read of Frisky's problems, and not see you respond to our suggestions. I am sorry if that is blunt, but now we feel involved. Please respond to our concerns and suggestions? When you can...I know what it is like to feel so overwhelmed you just can't talk about it, but I hope you can and will talk specifically about what you are doing soon.
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Please read Pat & Alex above post. You have a lot of support here. I cannot imagine a more caring place to talk about your frustrations & fears for your sweet Frisky....but you must respond.
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Did someone mention that the holistic approach could help? Friskysmom, please pm me, I think I have info that can help you. Even finance-wise. There are things you may not be aware of. It's always helpful to make a choice, a well-informed choice, once you have all the info to be able to do so.
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Originally Posted by June
Did someone mention that the holistic approach could help? Friskysmom, please pm me, I think I have info that can help you. Even finance-wise. There are things you may not be aware of. It's always helpful to make a choice, a well-informed choice, once you have all the info to be able to do so.
If you read all her threads about Frisky, as I have done, then you would know she's made her interest in pursuing holistic treatment of Frisky clear. She's been given a link to find a holistic vet in her area who can help her, but we do not know if she's found one or what has happened with this cat. Hence my note.

Friskysmom...please, be aware that NO ONE can better help your cat than a vet (holistic or otherwise) who does a hands on exam of your cat.
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I am a Vet Tech... What is your problem???
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Friskysmom, your Inbox is full. I can't reach you with important info because your Inbox has exceeded its quota. I don't know how else to let you know except to post it.
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hello all and thank you all so much for your lovely warm kind words and encouraging me...I'm sorry that I haven't responded lately, but yes you're very perceptive...I am indeed going through quite a lot a great deal right now and it sure isn't easy to talk about, but I promise tomorrow morning I will make a strong effort to read these posts more thoroughly and work with you and see how you can help me and my dear sweet little Frisky kitty...I'm going to sleep now and hopefully I'll feel better and more rested tomorrow. thank you again and I appreciate all your kindness and support.

from my heart,
Frisky's Mom
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Get a good nights sleep.
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ok I hurried to delete a few of my PMs in my inbox so you can now send me a few important PMs with important info...thank you again and good night...I'm going to sleep now, nite. but I think I can only receive like 3 or 4 so don't go crazy! hehe lol

Frisky's Mom
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Pat is right, the best person to help this cat is a holistic vet or a conventional vet in the member's area. Just because you read a cure on a board, doesn't mean the cure is going to work. Anytime I have heard something different to try on a sick animal, I take that information straightaway to my vet first (who usually scoffs at it) and then to a master of holistic meds here in town. I then choose the best path to take for the animal. I do not blindly follow anyone's advice that I get in my email or PM box without first checking up on it as much as possible.

Frisky's Mom, it is also likely you need a feline specialist to help you, not just a conventional vet. But the choice is yours however you go, just go wisely and with caution remembering this feline of yours is counting on you to make the right choices.
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Hello all,
First, I'd like to say that I'm sorry I got quiet and didn't reply to some of the new message replies here about Frisky. I did not mean to worry anyone or upset anyone and I certainly understand how you feel. I'll give you the basics nuts and bolts of the situation and then write more after. 1st a lil background and then the current problem after.

If you don't want to read his background I'll understand. Then just skip to the next paragraph that immediately follows this one right after. Frisky is an FIV kitty, he was diagnosed with FIV 3-4 years ago by a vet when he was under the care of the woman who we adopted him from. He's been great since we adopted him, especially after we altered his diet and transitioned him from the commercial poison he was being fed to the additive-free more whole nutrition diet we started feeding him. He was mutated and over-grown, overweight, & very cranky when we met & adopted him, hence his 1st name, "Grumpy" or "Grumps", given by his former mom named him. While under our care, he's been very healthy & he lost weight & turned into the sweetest kitty in the world, hence Frisky. ;-)

The current problem...
For the past month or so, Frisky has had elimination problems & grooming problems. 1st, when he was sleeping with us on our bed we'd awake in the middle of the nite and in the morning to discover gross yucky overpowering odor dark brown diarhea-like residue. I say "like" because it's not always runny, sometimes it's just a gross semi-solid little spot or small clump he left behind. It's been so awful that he's eaten some of it, especially when he bathes and licks himself. I can't always tell if he's eating it because he may be malnourished or because the gross residue gets in the way when he bathes. We had to keep him in the bathroom because especially with this small RV, it's tight quarters and having to step in and find residue everywhere is harrowing and makes us both sick.

Yesterday in tears and feeling sick to my stomach I aggressively cleaned the bathroom floor after 2-3 days of his "bum" butt leaving disgusting soft semi-solid residue on the floor. I cleaned it all up and then cleaned the runny smelly residue around his litter box and then I picked Frisky up and cleaned his butt...he had a couple poops stuck to him and some smelly gross residue stuck to his fur and by his paws...Ack! :-( He hated it but I did what I needed to do and I felt a litte better afterward but still emotionally awful because he's still suffering. At one moment last nite I picked him and held him, not even caring about his stink and what might get on me and I cried missing him so much!

In addition to all the smelly gross soft residue he's left lying around or that falls from his butt, he's lost weight and he's weaker. He's boney and skinny and very sad and depressed at times. I found a poop in his litter box this morning and I was glad, but I still find yucky soft little residue globs and spots on the bathroom floor. Ugh *sigh* He eats and drinks water and he appears to be pooping, although still some yucky clumpy stuff...I haven't seen him pee so I don't know, but part of the pine litter looks a bit wet, not sure.

Okay, I can't write any more and he's calling me so I need to go be with him. Thank you again for listening and for being there. I"ll write more when I can, perhaps later today. Thank you.

From my heart,
Dayna, Frisky's Mom
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Instead of crying with him in the bathroom, get him to a doctor! Even if you can't find any holistic vets in your area, he needs to see SOMEONE! Have him looked at and discuss your feelings about conventional medicine with the vet. At the very least he will be able to refer you to someone who can work with you. What is worse- conventional medicine or a suffering (or perhaps dead) cat!
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I agree wholeheartedly with Dr. Doolittle.

Your cat NEEDS immediate attention. Sitting on the floor crying with him is doing neither of you any good.

Please, for the sake of your suffering cat, get him medical attention.
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Note: This thread has been edited due to many off topic posts that were not doing anything to assist Frisky'sMom find help for Frisky's health issues. Please try to stay on topic, and if anyone has helpful information please post the information. This is an educational cat welfare board, and the information shared here is used in the future by many people who may or may not decide to post their own issues on the board.

Thank you!
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Friskys mom,

PLEASE PLEASE take him to a vet! he needs to be seen he needs to be seen!
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I want to post this quick note to ask that anyone here who wants to offer help for us and Frisky, suggestions, ideas, recommendations and anything else to please send me an email rather than try to send me a PM here for my private inbox here. When I have a few moments I will clear out my inbox and make more space, but I can't do that right this moment. So I'm asking that members here please send me an email with whatever you'd like to say and share with me. My email is Thank you.

From my heart,
Dayna, Frisky's Mom
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Friskysmom, thank you for the update. I don't mean to push, but have you check the link a member gave you in another thread, with a list of holistic vets, to see if you could find one in your area?

My thoughts and concerns (my usual disclaimer here - I'm not a vet or vet tech, nor have I had to deal with a cat living with FIV before, these are just my thoughts as someone with a human medical background - retired RN - and a long time cat owning person)...a viral infection or a bacterial in the instestines...even if it's viral supportive care can be given, attempts to boost the immune system, suggestions on how to keep Frisky hydrated and retaining some nourishment from his food. If it is a bacterial infection, there are medicines - though how a holistic vs a conventional vet would deal with this, I don't know, but I'm sure they would have recommendations. need to find out *what* you are dealing with, then you can take steps to clear this up, or help boost his body to deal with it, and find out what supportive care he needs. Labs would tell if he's dehydrated, becoming anemic, fighting an infection, a culture and sensitivity (not to mention just a visual exam under a scope) of the stool would also give important information.

Please...I can hear how painful this is, how tired you are, how worried you are, how much you love him. You can help Frisky best by getting information and finding a holistic vet to support you and guide you on what to try.

I wish you both all the best, please don't go quiet again.
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Dr Doolittle is right.. Vet of some kind ASAP...
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Friskysmom, i've read everything here, and i really feel for you, but please take your little one to see a vet asap, then tell us what happens.

We all know your worried, but the sooner you take Frisky you'll be able to relax.
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