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Meeko, Esmeralda, Phineas and Henry pictures!

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I haven't shared any pictures in awhile as my laptop died six weeks ago and the one I rented while it was being fixed didn't have the plug-in thingy for my digicam - well, I finally got a brand new laptop for free because Best Buy took too long fixing mine , so I thought I'd share some pictures!

I bought a new cat tree, and Meeko and Henry wanted to help put it together:

Once it was put together, Phineas gave it his stamp of approval:

So did Henry :
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Meeko and Phinny are best friends :

Phineas always naps in the strangest positions :

And last but not least, Henry's bath (well, the aftermath, anyway!):

Thanks for letting me share!
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What a great cat tree, for beautiful cats. Garfield says Henry is the most handsome of your cats, I'm not sure why? LOL!
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Aww, adorable!
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nice pics!! You don't spoil your babies at all, do you?
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Great cat tree--where'd ya get it?
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those are so cute!

henry looks so prickly after his bath!

nice cat tree btw... i wish i had the patience to put one together
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The cats on this site love their trees don't they! Their gorgeous btw, and i laughed at Henry after his bath awwww
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Thanks for the update on all of your sweet babies I love the pic of Meeko and Phin snuggled up together
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Great photos! I love how cats can sleep in the most awkward, uncomfortable looking places! (Yes, you, Phineas)
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They always look so offended after a bath, don't they? Like "I can't BELIEVE you've done this to me! It'll take ALL DAY to get my fur back in shape!"

Somewhat off topic: I ran across some review of Best Buy one day as I was looking for something else, and after reading those, don't think I will EVER buy anything from there that might even remotely need to go back and be fixed or covered by warranty issues. Which pretty much means printer paper and that's about it .
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I don't know which one I like better, Meeko and Phineas being friends, or Henry's bath! Great pics!
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I love them all..
cute babies..thanks
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Awww, aren't they all so sweet. Thanks for sharing, Kylie!
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