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Hope, prayer, and LOTS of good vibes from me and Dagger( if he's still alive)!

P.S. My cat, Dagger is an outdoor cat. He went outside and he's been out for 5 hours now. And we are under a severe thunderstorm warning!!

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Still here. Still sending healing vibes. Since I'm sick with a cold and have poison ivy, could some of you send some of those vibes my way too?
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Originally Posted by Arielrain
Still here. Still sending healing vibes. Since I'm sick with a cold and have poison ivy, could some of you send some of those vibes my way too?
Oh poor you! How about starting your own "need good vibes" thread?
Sending lots of get well vibes to you to start the TCS board magic!
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Well, I was hoping to have even better news, but Boris has seemed to make a turn for the worse again. Yesterday, he did eat pretty good in the morning (2 chicken legs), but when evening time came, he showed no interest in food. Then, just as I was going to bed, he vomited again. This time, my idea of what may have happened to him changed. He did bring up some of his chicken, but I saw something else in there, something dark that looked like it may have been the skin from a toad and the remains of it's intestines. Yes, there has been toads in the enclosure that I remove (don't know where they keep coming from). I am not sure if some of you are aware, but toads and frogs do have toxins in their skin. He should have spit it out due to the bad taste. I am not 100% sure if that is what it is, but I am bringing it to my vet to see if she thinks the same. He has no interest in food this morning and has a very down look to his face. He is up and about however, but will not eat. Time to go to work, I will keep this updated
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Oh John, Sorry to hear that Boris took a turn for the worse!

Maybe the fact that he's brining up the stuff means that he will be getting it out of his system and the vet will be able to provide the right medication for him?!

Sending lots of 'Get Better Boris' }}}VIBES{{{ your way! and lots of and strength to you and Terri!

I hope the vet can give you some good advice and medication!
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sending good vibes your ways i hope and pray that boris is ok
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Oh John......my dog ate a toad when I was a teenager, and he did get violently sick, but recovered and lived a long happy life.........I'm sure it will be no less for Boris.....please keep us updated.....
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Oh, Boris, love! What have you been eating?? This is upsetting, John. I hope the vet is able to discern what's happening and treat the boy effectively. Meanwhile, lotsa prayers and vibes, for Boris and for you and Terri and the furkids. Hope you're feeling better soon, Boris.
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More prayers for Boris. Poor kitty! I just want to hug him.
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Poor boy! Lots of {{{{get well soon}}}} vibes coming his way
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Why are all our cats so curious and want to eat things that hop around. I hope he get better!!
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John, I'm sorry to hear about Boris taking a turn for the worse. I will keep him in my thoughts today. Get well Boris.
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Darn! More vibes for Boris! And only eat what your Daddy and Mommy feed you!
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Poor baby boy. I really hope and pray that the Vet can come up with just the right medication to get him all better.
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Oh John, I am so sorry to hear this news about Boris . I will keep the prayers and vibes going until your boy is back 110%!
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Oh poor sweet Boris! Sending many more good vibes his way.
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I just caught up with this thread. I'm so sorry that Boris took a bad turn after doing so much better!

Please, Boris, get better soon! We're all worried for you! Hugs!!!!!
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OH no! I'll keep praying for him, and please send some loving his way from me and my 3 boys.
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Oh Boris you poor boy. More vibes heading his way John. I hope you figure out what he ate and he starts and continues to improve.
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I will certainly keep Boris in my thoughts and prayers and you and your family. I hope he feels better soon.
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Here I am thinking I'm going to hear good news and then this! Good grief Charlie Brown! John, there's so much love in here being sent to Boris. I'm sure the vet will take good care of your boy and get him back on track. In the meantime, you and Terry just hang in there.
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Prayers continuing for Boris. Please feel better soon!
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Called in to see how Boris is going and am sorry to hear he is still unwell. Sending over some more "Get Better Soon" vibes his way. Hope to hear soon that he is fully recovered.
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Poor old Boris... baby get better! good vibes all round
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and healing vibes coming Boris' way!!!!!
Get better, you big baby bobcat!
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Poor Boris Continued good health vibes heading out to him!
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John, I'm just catching up with this. Poor Boris - I hope he's back to full health soon. Any news on how he's doing?
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I am sorry he is not better. Letu s hope the vet will be able to identify whatever it is. Is there an antitoxin for toad poison?
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Oh, dear , a set back ...

{{{{{{{Boris}}}}}} Get better soon!
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How is Boris doing today? I've been so worried about him
Sending more good and healing vibes his way.
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