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I am worried too since we haven't heard updates.
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I was thinking the same thing too Tracey, but we have to think positive...........
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Me, three. I really hope and pray Boris is OK.
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Me four!!! Update soon, John!
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Make it five!
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Does anyone here, know how to reach John and see how he is doing?
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felineorc was the last to check in with him - would she do us the favor of updating us if John can't?
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Yes...we need an update.
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Anything yet??????
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Just put my worrying hat on
Don't want to read too much into this silence, but it's not encouraging. John?
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Me too...worried here
Maybe someone should PM him...
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I asked the catprayers group for Prayers for Boris but they too would like to know how he is!

BTW is he a Formerly WILD BOBCAT like the Lynx?
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I don't think Boris was ever in the wild. He is however a real Bob cat. I believe he was bred by a breeder however, and that is how John got both Boris and Amber, although I don't think they're from the same breeder.

I really wish John would let us know how Boris is doing. I've prayed and prayed for him, and even had people at work praying for him. I'm so worried.
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I just read this roller coaster of a thread. I too pray for Boris' quick recovery. Poor baby.
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Aw John & Terri, I hope Boris is OK. You have lotsa vibes from downunder!
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I too am quite concerned and hope that all is well. If things have taken a turn for the worst, John and Terry know they can find love and support right here. This is a wonderful community of people, one I am proud to be a part of. Let's keep our vigil and hope for the best.
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I've only read the thread - don't have any personal knowledge of how Boris is going - but am hoping that like the old saying - "no news is good news". Am keeping them all in my thoughts and hoping like crazy that everything is improving.
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Oh no! Still no news? I was hoping there would be good news!
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Anxiously awaiting news. Still sending vibes.
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Me, too!
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Oh John, where are you?????????
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Just caught up with this again, saying another prayer for Boris, all fingers and paws crossed here for good news... :-(
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Does anyone know his phone number or any way to contact him? I have put Boris on my Church's Prayer list but they won't Pray till Tuesday! I CAN contact them and ASK if they would pray sooner if needed!

SOMEBODY MUST know how to get in touch with him!
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This is not good ...
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I e-mailed John yesterday and told him everyone was concerned and that we were hoping for the best. All we can do is wait, pray, and be here when he returns. John and Terry know we care. Havn't heard back from him yet.
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No, it doeasn't look good at all. Keep the vigil friends.
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Hello everyone. So very sorry for not being on here sooner to update everyone. Well, not wanting to speak too soon, but I think this terrible roller coaster ride is over After a few more episodes of throwing up and passing the remains, we feel that Boris is finally better And boy is he hungry!!!! He eats like crazy, however I am trying to take it slow by giving him a few smaller meals instead of letting him eat a whole bunch at once. He wants to go back outside in the enclosure, but I told him no, not until he has taken a few more days to fully recover. Once again, I am sory I didn't update this sooner, I didn't want to make everyone worry. Thank you everyone for all the thoughts and prayers. I will give another update to let everyone know that our boy has fully recovered 100%
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