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YUM! FRIES! I have been CRAVING them for 2 days! I put ketchup and lots of salt on them usually, but I LOVE cheese fries and gravy fries but I've never had them together.
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Originally Posted by kittylover4ever
What do you put on your french fries?
Depends on my mood,
it can be
Gravy, tziki, mashpotatoes and gravy, mayo mixed with ketchup, ketchup, barbaque sauce, rench dressing, sweet and sour sauce, or curry ketchup
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Ketchup & Salt...yum yum
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oh i have some funny stuff i used to put on fries back in college. as of right now i just put ketchup and salt. i also like cheese fries. but to continuw about college this is what my friend and i used to do.

it was always $1 for a big basket of fries at school. they used to have cheese to put on and also had jalapenos so we used to do that. then they got rid of the cheese for the fries and jalapenos were another 50 cents. so we began to get creative with whatever was free. we would get fries and put seasoned salt on them first then we would get some hot sauce, and ketchup. then we would put parmesan cheese on them. then we would add a little bit of vinegar and even steak sauce or worchestershire sauce. we made our own gourmet fries. its was actually really good and a cheap way to get some food. oh the days in college.

sorry for the long story i just had to add that all.
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If I can get it, I use malt vinegar. Otherwise, it's ketchup or mayo.
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Ketchup, but on rare occasions either sour cream (if I'm having steak fries) or honey mustard sauce.
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I use mustard.. bf uses ranch.. I also like gravy, cheese, and chili (seperately).
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mmm reading this thread makes me so hungry!
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Not a lot to be honest... depends on my mood. Ketchup, salt (very rarely), pepper (always), vinegar, Mayonnaise or salad cream.......
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