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Scared in my own house

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Hamilton man slain during robbery try

This happened Friday night right behind the animal hospital where I work and right down the street where I live.

It has officially freaked me out. Now I rarely go outside by myself, especially at night. If I'm driving, I'll roll up my windows at an intersection and always make sure my doors are locked.

The sad thing is that I already pay $900 a month to live in this neighborhood. I've been looking online and in the newspaper for nicer places to live but they aren't really in our price range.

So, it's either move to a nicer area and have absolutely no money and be unable to save up for a house or live here for cheaper and live in fear all the time.

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you poor thing, perhaps get some sort of security system? There are fake ones. Its like a 2 peice thing, you attach one to your door/ windows and the other half to the frame around it. If the sensor is broken by someone moving the two appart its beeps or buzzez like an alarm would, the person will run off thining its an automatic police calling one.


there is a link for the sort of sensorim talking about if that didnt make any sence.
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Man, that is scary!

But I have to say, treat this like the US has with terrorism. Take precautions, be aware and alert, but don't allow yourself to live in fear. That's just no way to live!

But most of all...just take care of yourself!
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Crimes can happen anywhere. I grew up in a very safe city in Michigan, and when I was an older teen, two criminals came from a neighboring town to rob a small store. They ended up killing several people, from employees to a customer who happened to walk in. So moving to a high rent area is no guarantee.

Always leave work with a friend. If no one else is leaving when you do, at least have someone walk you to your car. Maybe you can start a neighborhood watch in your apartment complex. Sounds like the guy who was murdered was a known drug dealers. If you can help cut down on that, you can cut down on overall crimes.

Like Valanhb said, be aware and alert, but don't let the bad guys scare you off!
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I agree with what everone else has said. i live in Michigan now and where I am at nothing really happens... Pretty much a hick town. The year I graduated a kid 1 grade behind me killed his parents, brother & brothers girlfriend, of whom I graduated with the brother and his girlfriend, and my mother was close with his dad. Very unexpected and quite scarey that something like that could happen! You just have to protect yourself as well as you can, but don't stop living your life or they have already gotten the better of you! Carry mace if you must, lock your doors and windows, always have someone with you, a buddy, but most importantly live your life!

We're all thinking of you hon!
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Thanks guys.

I live right on the border of Hamilton and Trenton. Trenton is pretty bad area and unfortunately, it seems like it is creeping into our neighborhood.

It's about impossible to buy a house in NJ for us. Houses in the ghetto in Trenton can run up to $125,000!! I keep trying to convince my boyfriend to move down south.
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I am so sorry that this had to happen, and had to happen in your area to scare you. I used to rend a condo in Franklin Park - went for around 900, but then again that was about 10 years ago. Cost of housing was one of the main reasons I agreed to let me job relocate me. It allowed me to buy first house. First thing I installed: house alarm. You can take the girl out of Jersey - but not the Jersey out of the girl - and I only lived their 5 years!

You must do what is right for you - but for me, living in constant fear would not be a good way to survive. Me? I'd rather enjoy a bit more now and a bit more later than nothing now and lots more later. .... LOL, I read back - not sure if I made sense to anyone else, but it does me.
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I'm sure some of the fear will wear off. I was just so shocked that something like that would happen so close to where I live and work. I used to live in a really bad part of Trenton, so I've seen a lot of bad things happen and I'm afraid this neighborhood is getting worse and worse.

And it's true about not taking the Jersey out of the girl. lol It was especially true when I was driving down south.
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