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This is a reply to an e-mail I sent the Iams company about their animal testing. I want to believe this, but they will have to prove themselves trust worthy first. I just wanted to share this with everyone so you can decide for youself.

Dear Sally:

Thank you for taking the time to contact us about our nutritional feeding studies. You've received some incorrect and outdated information. An extreme activist organization continues a misleading campaign featuring footage that's more than a year and a half old of a facility we no longer use. This inaccurate account includes examples of dogs and cats that were not part of our studies, and makes claims of activities that we never authorized.

We want to be perfectly clear: we will not fund or participate in any study requiring or resulting in the euthanasia of cats or dogs. This principle is just one of eight points in our strict research policy that is approved by an independent Animal Care Advisory Board. The members of our Advisory Board are from respected animal welfare organizations such as the ASPCA and the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS). We chose these individuals because they share our interest in reducing, refining, and replacing animals in research.

In addition, the Advisory Board conducts unannounced visits to review the care and welfare of the dogs and cats participating in our feeding studies at our internal and external sites.

To see a summary of recent facility reports, to view video footage of animals in our care, or to review our research policy, please visit our web site at www.iamstruth.com.

You can also see a facility report by utilizing the following URL: www.aspca.org/iams

Other important information we'd like to share:

* We support the ultimate elimination of laboratory feeding studies as scientifically valid alternatives become available. We have appointed Dr. Len Sauers to lead the development of alternatives to dog and cat feeding studies. Many don't know that beyond a few palatability (taste) studies, no other in-home nutritional feeding study methods have been validated. We already use 17 alternative methods, including a non-animal option for gastrointestinal studies and a non-animal method for measuring tartar build-up.

* We are taking full responsibility for the destiny of all dogs and cats that participate in our feeding studies at both internal and external sites. Our dogs and cats are adopted into loving homes when their help is no longer needed, including our retirement facility, which is a place where they can live their lives happily with love and affection from their human counterparts. We know of no other company that is taking this level of responsibility for the ongoing well-being of all the dogs and cats they work with.

* By October 2006 we will transition our nutritional feeding studies to be limited to three locations for feeding studies: in pet owners' homes, at the Iams Pet Health and Nutrition center, and in organizations, like animal shelters and groups that provide assistance dogs to people in need. We are making a significant investment in new facilities at our Pet Health and Nutrition Center, which will enable us to create an ideal environment while ensuring the care and welfare of the dogs and cats who help us in our feeding studies.

* We are proactively sharing the Iams Welfare Program for dogs and cats in an effort to make it the norm. An Iams Behaviorist has shared our socialization and enrichment program with shelters, veterinarians and others to illustrate that it's possible to enrich and socialize in such an environment. In addition, we recently presented our program to others in the pet food industry. We are committed to continual improvement in this area and are looking to adopt best practices in animal care and nutritional research wherever they are created. We will continue to actively search and reapply good ideas from around the world.

Thank you again for taking the time to contact us and for giving us the opportunity to respond with the facts. If you need further information or have specific questions, please visit the Web site or contact Consumer Care at 800-525-4267. One of our advisors will be more than happy to speak with you about this very important issue.



Iams Consumer Care, North America

-----Original Message-----
From: Sally
Sent: Monday, August 15, 2005 10:38 PM
To: customer.service@iams.com
Subject: Animal testing complaint
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Alot of sources have said Iams does animal cruelty. I wouldnt doubt that for a fact.

But we cant go believing what Peta says. If you heard the news recently, they were "euthanizing" cats and dogs and dumping the bodies in garbage pales at a mall! They are getting worse and worse..
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exactly, besides peta employees getting busted dumping puppies in a dumpster, there are records comparing their supposed "adoption" program with other area shelters. peta had a much higher kill rate and low adoption rate.
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