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Request for advice: cat lethargic and not eating

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Hi, I'm new here.

This morning my 15 month old tabby was acting very funny. He normally is very vocal and meows to get fresh food. Today, however, he was very quiet and lethargic. He refused to play with the our other cat when she tried to wrestle with him. What got me really worried, however, was that he refused a treat. He has never refused a treat before and often eats his treats so quickly that he is able to steal treats from the other cat.

Since he also was due for a vaccination I took him in to see the vet. His temperature and coloring are normal, he is well hydrated, and his stomach felt full. The vet also checked for any sensitivity, but could not find any. She did not want to give him the vaccination though, since he was already feeling a little low. Since we got home he has continued to be mellow, sitting in the same position and not moving much. I do not think he has used the litter box either. He has not eaten anything, and the other cat continues to hiss and growl at him (they are normally very friendly with each other).

I failed to mention to the vet that he has eaten things like drawstrings and shoe laces before, and my wife thinks I should take him back to the vet to tell her that. I can't find any evidence of him eating something he was not supposed to, but that doesn't mean much. I am very worried about my little kitty.

Should I take him back to the vet, or possibly to another vet? Or is he perhaps just resting after a stressful outing once already today? If he continues to not eat, how long should I wait to take him back to the vet? Could his behavior be due to indigestion from eating something he should not have?

Sorry, I guess I have a billion questions, but I am just very concerned about my cat.

Thanks for all your advice.
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Can you call the vet and tell her about his tendency to eat shoelaces etc? This sounds like it could be the problem -- some sort of blockage. His behaviour sounds so unusual (for him) that it would be worth following up with the vet or a different one. Don't worry about being overly cautious, you'll feel better making that call.
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I would take him back pronto and tell the vet that he eats shoelaces, strings etc,.This type of stuff can cause some major serious problems with cats and he needs to be seen by a vet aware of all that is going on
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I am that it's nothing serious.
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I also would take him back to the vet right away. Do you have confidence in your vet? Did they do any blood work or x-rays?
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Thanks for the advice. It looks like my little guy did eat something he wasn't supposed to. I took him to a different vet, after not being satisfied with the first one. They x-rayed him and there is something obstructing his intestine. We don't know what it is yet, but I'm hoping the barium x-rays will show that he can pass it on his own.

I appreciate everyone's help.
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I am so glad you took him in! String, ribbon, rubber bands, shoelaces, dental floss are all items best kept away from cats. I believe they think they are mouse tails and that is why they go for it! The result can be deadly, the string and other material can wrap around an intestine, be wrapped around the tongue, or form a tight ball in the stomach and cause all sorts of problems. Please let us know how your 15 year old is doing when you can. And because he is a senior cat, put on an old tee shirt and get it really sweaty, pop it into a plastic bag and run it over to the vet to put in his cage. Your scent will keep him calm and just tell the vet you don't care if you don't get the shirt back, but it stays with him always-
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I'm so glad you took him in to another vet and got some answers! Hope things go well. Keep us posted.
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Me and Kitters will be thinking of you and you boy!!!!!
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Hoping it will pass easily
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hope your kitty feels better soon.
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I am so glad you took him to the vet! It is scary trying to figure out what is wrong with them on our own. Hopefully, it will pass without any more trouble! Good luck!
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Vet tech here, You should 100% mention that to the vet!!!!
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I am pleased to announce that Spike passed whatever was blocking him up on his own. He is also eating and drinking again and acting much more like himself. We don't know for sure what it was he ate, but it looked like fur and leather or possibly rubber. I found a toy mouse under refrigerator that was missing about half of its fur covering. Since then we have thrown all the other toy mice like it away, just in case.

Thank you again for all of your advice and well wishes.
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Thanks goodness. Please still keep a close eye on him (frankly I'd still call my vet and see what they advise) in case this item did any damage/irritation of the intestines. If he were mine, I'd be watching for lethargy, loss of appetite, blood in the stool. But then, I am a cautious worry wart
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Originally Posted by Pat & Alix
But then, I am a cautious worry wart

when it comes to our speechless family members, we all ought to be.
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Originally Posted by catguy
when it comes to our speechless family members, we all ought to be.
Yes, exactly!

I'm happy to hear Spike is doing much better.
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