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New to Feral Cat Trapping

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I am trying to catch a part-feral cat that someone
left in the courtyard of my apartment community
when they moved away more than a year ago.

The history of the cat is that a neighbor feeds it outside
on her back step twice a day and the cat comes around
for the food. She already is over her indoor cat quota and can't
assume full responsibility for him.

I tried once to trap it with no luck earlier this year.

I am trying again, but apparently, the cat is too light to
trip the havahart cat trap. He went in and ate the cooked chicken
and came back out.

The cat is not really friendly but lets me within about 2 feet of (assuming its a him) him. When I approach closer, he darts off a short distance.

I have a former co-worker that can take the cat to see if she can tame him if I can catch him. She works with ferals and strays in D.C.

I started feeding him twice a day before trying again to trap him and also putting out water, which the neighbor did not do.

Is it likely I could somehow build up trust in the animal or trap him?
It just seems wrong that he is living outside in the elements and is always under the cars in the parking lot.

Also, does anyone know where I can get a kitten-sized trap. He is not very big. I am going to look that up on the Internet as well.

And, if I bring the cat into my bathroom inside the trap until I can get him to the vet, is he likely to contaminate my two healthy cats with any diseases, if I keep him in the cage and in the other room?
Thank you for any feedback. Karen.
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Welcome Karen...

I also live in Northern Virginia and volunteer with Alley Cat Allies so you can PM with questions offline if that would make you feel more comfortable. As far as trapping this little guy...I would suggest you contact Metro Ferals or Alley Cat Allies to see if they know someone who has a smaller trap that you could borrow. There is often a deposit required..but if you return the trap, it is refunded to you:



Also you can contact DC Cat:


After you have trapped this guy...you will want to keep him seperate from your 2 cats and have him seen by a vet as soon as possible.

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Have you had any luck with trapping your cat yet?
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