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Gilly's is one of my favorites. Those eyes are unreal, they are gorgeous coming through those leaves.
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Gilly helped by having some very nice pix of Guinness. Black cats are hard enough to capture on film anyway, but having good sized, crisp, in-focus pix with which to work help tremendously.

I absolutely love getting to put into practice some of the concepts that I learned, lo these many years ago when I was an art studio major. Some day I'll learn how to paint with oils , right now pixels are a good sub!
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Originally Posted by MeezerPleezer
The ones I think are cute are C J and Billy, 4kids4cats, and of course Fwan, It reminds me of how my kitty Skye likes her teeth brushed. I turn on the electric toothbrush and she comes running. The bad side is I caught her chewing on mine a while ago
MeezerPleezer is it just me or do other people have to scroll all over the place to read posts because of your siggy?!
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I agree that Hissy's siggy is a "classic". Hope always has an awesome signature. I saw another one I liked a few days ago, but I cannot remember who it was!!
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I really like CoolCat's siggy. It shows Milky off in so many ways! Rigel, I especially love Milky in the sunglasses!

And off the white kitty topic, onto a black kitty-Gilly's is great. The green is so vivid, and Guinness looks like a panther out hunting!
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They are all Great!!! I wish I could make one!
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