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Pregnant stray cat

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Hello, I am new to this forum. Well back in December I found a stray or ferel female cat on my front steps ,we have seen her around for about a year but she never came to us. I have deceided to keep her. Anyway about a week after I had her she went into heat that night she snuck outside when I was comming in the house ,She was in her own room, I have 3 female cats of my own all spayed and declawed., so I can't leave Jazzmin with them yet. I thought That her being out only one night I would be safe, I thought wrong She is pregnant. I took her to get her shots a couple of days after she came back, she was gone about 24 hours. I still have to get her tested for FeLV and FIV. I need help on the care of pregnant cats, she will be fixed after kittens are born. From what I figured out she is due around FEBURARY 20,2002. She is seperated from my cats. Any help would be nice. Thanks
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I moved this to the proper forum so you'll get the answers you need. It shouldn't be long before someone helps you (I'm clueless )

Welcome to the site!
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Well, I am no expert, but I believe that pregnant kitties have about the same nutritional needs as kittens. Up above in this forum is a recipe for kitty glop (wet food) that should be apropriate, or if you use store bought food (from a pet store- grocery store brands are terrible) go for one for kittens. I prefer a rice based food, cats and dogs actually can't really digest corn which is generally the main ingredient. I add supplements such as crushed cat vitamins, brewer's yeast, garlic, olive oil, egg (not all at once!) to wet food that I give them twice a day mixed with hot water to make soup. This soup makes the food warm and more appetizing, as well as ensuring they get enough water.

My opinion is to err on the side of overfeeding than under, especially with pregnant kitties, although my kitties are slim and do not overeat.
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Your vet would know more about what to feed your pregnant kitty since he/she has seen her already. You just want to be sure to feed her a well balanced diet and increase her feedings so she can keep up with the growing changes inside of her. You probably want to steer clear of rice because it really is empty calories for cats, and only filler at best. But check with your vet, so he can advise you on what the best food for your kitty is.
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I know to feed kitten food. I have been free feeding Jazzmin kitten food she doesn't over eat. I really want to know how to take care of a pregnant cat, such as when she starts delivering what should I do how will I know when the time is, how will I know if their is trouble. I have my other cats spayed so I never had to deal with this I need help vet was not much help with this subject. He just said to get her spayed , I cant do that to a new live or lives. Oh that is another thing how many kittens does a female cat have? PLEASE HELP.
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Originally posted by hissy
You probably want to steer clear of rice because it really is empty calories for cats, and only filler at best.
Hissy, I didn't know this. I know that cats have trouble with corn, so I avoid that. What is another base for food that is better?

Crickett - cats have around 4-6 kitties, sometimes more, sometimes less. I know that the mother will seek out a quite secluded spot when it is time, so you may want to set one up with towels (dark ones that you aren't that fond of!) in a low box in a closet she has access to. Generally, you really don't have to do anything and the mother, depending on how much she trusts you might get annoyed with your presence. Also be careful with how much you handle the kitties at first. I will look on the net for some good info for you!
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My Sunshine had a litter last August. We set her up in a laundry basket well before hand w/ towels and blankets. When the "moment" came we immediately knew. She was hiding under a table and panting really heavily. We put her into her basket and put her in our bedroom where it was pretty dark.

She labored for about an hour or so and then started meowing and pushing. She delivered the first kitten in about 10 minutes, then the others all came about one every 20 minutes. She had a total of 5.

As far as what to do, do nothing at all if she is fine. She will clean them and eat all the afterbirth herself. She was fine, she even let me stay in there with her while she did her " duties" and let me pet her and soothe her. I called the vet once it was over, and they said to let her be, and the kittens would just nurse on their own. I did read if she appears to be in trouble ( like its taking her a long time to deliver, and maybe one is stuck ) then you should be able to at least call a vet or go to an animal ER.

Sunshine kept her kittens in the basket for about 2 weeks. Then we moved her and them into a large playpen, in the same room. It worked out great, Sunshine could still get out but the kittens couldn't. Yet they had room to move about a bit. WE kept blankets in there for them, and made sure it was clean. We didn't handle them too much, so our scent wouldn't interfere. When she needed to roam a bit she was able to, but she was basically confined to that one room. Sunshine did great, she was a great mommy kitty. Hopefully you'll be as lucky as I was.

As the kittens got more mobile and older ( 4 weeks or so ) we started giving them so wet food in the playpen and then introduced them to a litter box. By 7 or 8 weeks, they were able to climb out so we let them out. They were slowly introduced to the rest of the house and did wonderfully. We kept them till 12 weeks when most of them went to a good home. Oh, by the way, did have them vet checked at about 3 weeks to just make sure they were ok

If at any time you feel something is wrong, just call your vet!! I was nervous, and it all turned out fine. Just trust your instinct, especially once the kittens arrive. If they seem sick in any way then don't hesitate to post here or call the animal ER.

Enjoy your new found family!!!
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For the kitten birth, I would give this link a try


I would also like you to take a look at this one as well.

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