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Giving kittens medication.

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Hi ya'll. I just got back from the vet's office and Patch just has a slight upper-respiratory infection and he'll be fine in a few days. What I was hoping was that if someone could tell me is how to give him his pills to make it easier on both of us. I've never given a cat pills before. My dog used to take pills, but he would just lick them out of my hand. Somehow, I don't think Patch is going to do that. The vet told me to crush up the pills and put them in something sweet. I was wondering if honey would work, or if that's something that would make him sick. He also told me to put a bit of butter on the pill and open Patch's mouth and put the pill down his throat with my finger. I don't really like the thought of doing that for fear of choking him. So, if anyone out there has any suggestions on making this process easier on the two of us, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks to all of you who gave me great advice and were concerned for Patch. We both appreciate it.
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My kitty just went through that. You can crush the pill and mix it with a small amount of wet cat food or tuna.. I wouldn't reccommend the forceful way- it got me all scratched up and I didn't like the way Bogey got scared of me. The biggest problem I had was Bogey got used to eating the wet food and didn't want to eat the dry stuff.
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I'm still having trouble giving Patch his pills. I've tried crushing them up in some honey, but that wasn't the best idea I've ever had. He started drooling really bad and I thought I had really hurt him and he scared me. Thankfully he stopped in a few minutes. This morning I tried crushing it up in a tiny bit of butter, but he still didn't take it and fought me. I am at my witts end with how to give him his pills. I really don't want to resort to forcing it down his throat for fear that he'll get scared of me. This is my first time ever giving a kitten pills, so if anyone out there has any suggestions on how to make it easier on us, we'd greatly appreciate it. I really don't want to give him wet food or tuna for fear of his stomach getting upset and him getting diareah because he's never had that before. I guess if worse comes to worse, I'll try the wet food. I'll make sure that he only gets the wet stuff when I give him the medication. I just hope it works, and that he'll eat it. Thanks for the suggestion.
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There is something called pill pockets, you can google it! Personally, I would try poking it down her throat, then follow with letting her lick a little butter off your finger, as a treat.

Garfield was extremely ill as a kitten with distemper. He had to take so many medications, that there were times when he would RUN when he saw me. Most of his were liquids, and it got to the point that he would foam at the mouth after getting his meds. It was as if I were trying to poison him twice a day! Luckily, he had other family members to comfort him, and when the meds were finally done, he forgave me. He is now a big ol boy, about 16 months old, and the only one who comes and rubs his face against mine, like giving me a kiss.

I'm just saying, do what has to be done to keep the cat healthy. He will understand that you still love him, and will forgive you.
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Both of my babies had URI a month ago. We had to give them pills as well as a liquid medicine. My hubby and I did it together. What we did was I sat on a chair, took one of the babies and laid him on their back. Then I'll open his mouth and my hubby slipped the pill. Since they were lying on their back it went straight down their throat. Then we would take a small plastic syringe and pour liquid medicine to wash the pill down. You might want to pour water to wash it down.
Hope this helps.
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You don't want to pour water down a cat's throat as they could asphirate! Pneumonia is no fun-

Use the spray cheese- here is the trick I have with my ferals. While they are at rest, I spray a small amount of spray cheese on the tip of my finger, then i let them smell the cheese and raise my finger, so they have to arch their neck to get to it. Once they ate the teaser, I spray more cheese, tuck the pill inside and do the same thing, they usually gulp it right down. Then they get a third time with no pill just to be sure they swallowed the pill
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I tried your suggestion of the spray cheese, although in my area of Canada they don't sell spray cheese so I tried some plain cream cheese. He took the cheese without the pill easily and loved it. When I gave him the piece with the pill, he ate the cheese and spat out the pill!! I really don't know what to do next. I thought this was going to work, but he's a tricky little sucker. I know he's not getting all of the medication and that's what's worrying me. He can pick out the medication even when I crush it up into the cheese. I just don't know what to do. Has anyone ever struggled this hard giving a kitten medicine (pills) before?
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I realize you don't necessarily want to "shove the pill down his throat", but it is essentially the best way to get a cat pilled. The technique can be tricky, but if you have to get meds in for a prolonged period, with practice, it gets easier. Here it goes:

Put Kitty up on a counter top or table top in good light. It helps if the surface is smooth so Kitty cannot gain a foothold to run away. Hold Kitty with his back to your front. Take your thumb and middle finger of your dominant hand and place them on either side of Kitty's mouth where the "lips" end. It is helpful to have the rest of your hand under his chin ... begin applying gentle pressure to the corners of the mouth. It will open. With your free hand, place the pill in the back of Kitty's mouth towards the throat and release your fingers so the mouth closes normally. Have a small syringe sans needle or eyedropper of water at the ready. Place the tip of the syringe or eyedropper in the corner of the mouth, again right where the "lips" end. Do not stick it IN the mouth, insert just the tip between the "cheek" and gums. Slowly and gently, begin administering the water into the mouth. All the while, speak in a calm and reassuring voice to Kitty, and give him his favorite treat afterwards.

Best of luck,

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I found the best way to give oral meds was the place it in an empty gelatin capsule available at your pharmacy. That way they do not taste the medication at all. You can roll it in the sauce of wet can food and they will swallow it easily. It worked wonders in my situation. Hope this helps. Good luck!!
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Thanks for the step by step instructions. I'll let you know how it goes.
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I used Gayef's way without faily for all my babies includeing or poor little arthur with his icky eye infection.
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Pill pockets are the way to go!!! Other wise use canned kitten food. Crush the pill and put in a small amount so she eats it all
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I tried the step by step method for giving pills, and all it got me was scratched and he end up foaming at the mouth. This evening I tried crushing it up in some wet kitten food and he ate that right up. THANK GOODNESS!!! I was beginng to wonder if I would ever find something that he'd take the medicine in. I just want to thank all of you who suggested other methods for giving him his medication. It's wonderful to know that there is a place like this site where people can come for advice and help on situations that can sometimes seem overwhelming. Again, thanks for all of your help. Patch and I both appreciate it.
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