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Pulling teeth!

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Rambo (almost 6mos old) has had his adult canine teeth come in without pushing out his baby ones. The vet checked this out and found the baby teeth weren't even loose and there is already food and stuff getting stuck between them. So...rambo needs to get them pulled out. I haven't found any threads about this on here...so i was wondering has anyone else gone through something like this with their kitties and if so:

what are the risks of pulling them? or not getting them pulled?
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Here is some info for you I found on "Yahoo Pets":

A Cat's Teeth: Timetable and Functions

During its lifetime, a cat has two sets of teeth, a deciduous set and a permanent set. Kittens have 26 deciduous teeth (molars are absent); adult cats have a total of 30 teeth.

Deciduous or “milk teeth†begin to appear when the kitten is about four weeks of age. At six weeks of age all 26 deciduous teeth are present. From 11 to 30 weeks of age, kittens lose their deciduous teeth. During this time they may eat less because of sore gums.

When the deciduous teeth fall out, they are replaced by 30 permanent teeth. The permanent teeth should be in place by about six months of age.

A cat's teeth are well-suited to rip and cut. Twelve tiny teeth in the front of the mouth (incisors): six in the upper jaw, six in the lower jaw do some scraping. They are flanked by two upper and two lower canines, sometimes described as “fangs,†designed to hold prey and to tear flesh. Ten sharp premolars and four molars act together to cut food.

A cat occasionally retains a deciduous tooth after the permanent tooth appears. This deciduous tooth should be removed as soon as possible to avoid displacing the permanent tooth.

Extra teeth are occasionally found in cats. They should be removed by a veterinarian if they cause crowding or injury to soft tissue or other teeth.

Hope this helps!

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My advice is get them pulled. I think the best thing to do is have your vet do extractions while your kitty is under aneth. for his neuter-if you haven't already done so. That way you get everything taken care of at once.
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uh oh, sounds like my cat. Tell me, when you say his adult canine teeth came in...do you mean they have completely come in and the baby ones are still there?

Cause with my guy, the tips of his perm. canines have come in and the baby ones are still there and upon another inspection they are not loose.

Im gonna go to vet just in case.
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