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D.T. for Sunday!

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So,what is everyone up to today?
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Hi Deb!!
I'm not doing much except sipping coffee and checking out new threads.
Are you having a good weekend? Mine has been great. The kids were here yesterday, and we rented videos. Had a really good time!
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Good morning!

I get to clean my house, do laundry and start packing because I'm leaving for a caribbean cruise on FRIDAY!

It's snowing a bit here today and I'm watching the snow come down while drinking my coffee and reading through threads. Nice and relaxing for now... the housework can wait another hour or two!

Hope everyone has a great day!
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Oh wow! A cruise! I am jealous! I have never been on a cruise in my life! You will have to take some pictures to show us all! I hope you have alot of fun!
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Debby ~

In all honesty... well, I'm excited about getting a vacation, but not too thrilled with the prospect of getting on a plane and flying across the country (because of all the new security checks, etc...). Furthermore I'm really nervous about the cruise since I've never been on one either, and I know I get car-sick... so I'm assuming I'll be sea sick. I DID get some dramamine, but I understand that not much of anything really helps. Fun, huh?

I am just the eternal pessimist. Shame on me!
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Jin, I understand that cruises are in fact very smooth unless the seas are particularly high (seasonal) or you have one of the cabins on the top floor (costly). Most people don't even notice.

Check at your local herbalist or health food store. I think ginger is good for motion sickness - pieces of ginger root, not the powdered stuff - but check on that, I'm not sure. And I think there is an elastic bracelet thing that's supposed to work too. It has a little marble thing in it that stimulates a pressure point. Just as an alternative to a medicine or as a supplement.
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Thanks, sunlion! I had heard the same thing about ginger root... I heard it's a good idea to get the hard candy (?) because it keeps you occupied as well as helping your stomach. I've been searching for those stupid bracelets too, but I guess they're not in high demand around here. Maybe they'll have them on the ship.

That makes me feel better if it's true that most people don't even notice it... a guy came into work on Friday and was telling me all about how everyone on the cruise he went on got sea sick. So I was really dreading it! It really makes me wonder why people have to tell you things like that. I mean, I was worried enough, and he made it 10 times worse!
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Digging out here on Cape Cod. We got about 6 inches and it looks really pretty right now. I love it when its still clean and fresh. By tomorrow it will be all salt covered and nasty!
Hubby shoveled for me ( I thought he had to work and that I'd get stuck doing it ), and its warming up so its already melting it seems.

I am having a relaxing day, no plans at all. I want to do NOTHING! I love days when I can just stay in and do some cooking and reading. It doesn't happen all too often but when it does, I loveit!!!

Happy Sunday to you all!!
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Well now I'm getting ready to drive the 14 miles or so to McDonalds to get some lunch.... See ya'll later...have a GREAT day!
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A pending cruise - hubby shoveling for you - McDonald's for lunch - reading a good book and doing nothing! Sounds like a good day for all involved.....
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