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Can't sleep.

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Hey. I've have a lot of posts on here lately!

I just got a new kitten on Friday and I've been unable to sleep since. Whether it's my other cat and kitten chasing eachother, or my cat howling... I can't get any sleep! Now this is to be expected.

I'd actually be able to sleep through all that, except the kitten is obsessed with biting my ears... possibly because of the earrings I wear.

Does anyone know how to break this habit, without getting impatient and without having to separate everyone from eachother, so I can get some sleep soon? I'm a very tired camper this Monday morning.
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What if you took the earrings out?, because i'd be frightened incase one got loose and the kitten swallowed it

And with them keeping you awake, give them a good run around before bedtime to tire them out.

Thats the joys of having more than one!
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I can't take my earring out because I have stretched holes and they will shrink if I take the tunnel/earring out.


I could so rest my head on my desk right now...
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Join the club!!! My cats tag team to keep me awake.
But I heard a tip on public radio-get a smaller dog crate . Place blanket, toys in it and have in bedroom. Coax cat into cage to get used to it and shut it at night. Your smells will still be in the room.
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It's hard because my cats are fighting at night
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When you say fighting, do you mean playfully?!
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They are running around, but my resident has his mouth open and is biting, and my kitten is hissing back at him.

I've also noticed the resident will start cleaning my kitten, but then he will start to bite her instead of cleaning...
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My two do that all the time when they play.

They'll give each other little nips without giving out a sound when their playing rough and tumble, but Sophie sometimes plays a bit too rough and can make Rosie give a little yell, but Sophie soon jumps off then.

They clean each other also, but Sophie will only have her ears licked out for so long before she bats Rosie with her paw and pretends to go and bite her.

It's her way of saying "Enough!!!!"
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Well it's weird because Gremlin (resident cat) will be licking Critter (new kitten)... and then Gremlin will switch from licking ot biting which scares Critter.

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