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blood in stool

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My friend directed me to this site, so I hope y'all can help me! We brought home a 4 month old kitten yesterday, and she had a somewhat loose bowel movement with some bloody mucus on it. Has anyone else had that problem before with their cats? She has been kept indoors by the lady we got her from, and we are keeping her indoors as well.

We adopted one of her sisters a month ago, which has been the only kitty in the house so far, because we thought it would be good to have 2 of them to keep each other company. The have not been getting along very well...hissing, growling, swatting, and fighting and jumping at each other, so I'm not sure if it's stress or something more. She has had 3 bm's (that I know of for sure)...all out of the litter box, so I've been putting her stool in the box and then putting her in there so she knows it's ok and hopefully figures out that's where the bm goes. Thank you for any help that you might can offer.

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Hi Sheba

Congratulations on bringing your new baby home. Little kittens need so much energy from their food that they are not getting if they have loose bowel movements and the bloody mucus doesn't sound good. That's not to say that something is seriously wrong, just that she needs to be seen by a Vet. It could be something as simple as worms, as it was for one of our girls when she first came home to us.

Take her to the Vet as soon as possible along with a sample of her stool. In just a day our poor little girl went from loose stool with bloody mucus to diaorrhea that she couldn't control.

I would keep her apart from her sister. Firstly to control any infection/worms if that's the cause and secondly because the re-introduction needs to be more gentle than just putting them together. People like MA (Hissy) give great advice on how to introduce a new kitty to the household (even those who have known each other before).

Please come back and let us know how she's doing. We'll all be sending plenty of good wishes her way. If you have any pictures, we'd love to see them in the fur pictures forum.
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There is a very good chance that it is caused by worms. Get her to a vet with a sample and they will treat her. Don't try any home-bought remedy as the type needs to be identified. Good luck.
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