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Cat Projects

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Here's a couple of nice,simple projects for those long winter nights.

The first is a scratcboard made with a simple 4 inch pine board available at craft stores and/or building supply stores. This particular one is wrapped with about 200 ft of 1/4 inch sisal rope.(it's 4 ft long) All I used was hand tools: jigsaw,drill and glue gun.
The cutout "paws" is so it can be hung up. Cost is under $20 and lasts much longer than the cheapo ones.
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The second is a simple bench made with 3/4 inch plywood. Again you can get pieces in a building supply place,so you don't need a full sheet. This one was about 2 ft wide and abt 6 ft long. Decide how high you want it and cut the "legs" first. The rest is pretty straightforward. The brace between the legs is just a piece of 2 in x 1/2 fir strapping. Cutouts are made by tracing around a cardboard stencil of a favorite catshape from a calendar,etc. and made with a jigsaw. I made a drawing for the top and finished with urethane which makes a nice,glassy surface. You can also just glue on a nice kitty pic or two and cover with the urethane or simply glue carpet or whatever on the surface.

Happy tinkering.
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Wayne - what neat ideas! I think the scratching post will be my first one though! Where do you find the time?
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Wayne...I've said it before, and I'll say it again...you are one very talented guy!!
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Debra...thanks,the basic construction doesn't take much time atall. The board should only need an hour or so. I drill holes and put the ends of the rope in,then glue them there. Works much better than nails or staples and much safer for kitty. I didn't use any wood treatment because most are toxic to cats;altho I'm told you can use beeswax safely.

A word of caution..if you want to use urethane on the bench be very careful. It's a 2-part mixture which uses resin. Be sure to have a very well ventilated area and use gloves. The fumes are dangerous. It takes some care to apply and starts setting up fairly quick,developing a "skin". Total drying may take a day or two depending on how thick you put it on. You might want to practice on a scrap piece first.

I thought of starting a business producing these sort of things,but freight,etc is a killer into the US from here. Not much local interest.
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Debby,you slipped in there as I was posting.. Thanks much. Why is it I wonder tho that I'm not "talented" in something that makes money??:LOL: :LOL: Maybe I need an "agent".:LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
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Maybe you could make some of these cat projects and sell them...I think people would be interested!
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Down here in TX there is a thriving craft show circuit. I know it isn't such a big deal up in the Maritimes and New England, so I was surprised to see it here! Something like that might be good for you, if you can find it.

Why couldn't you put a small add in CatFancy or something like? You know "natural handmade cat furniture" and list your website, just a line or two shouldn't cost too much.

What about a booth at cat shows?

Just thinking out loud.
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I think that's a really good idea, Sunlion. I think people would buy them, if the word got out, and he had a place to show his work!
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