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when will the momma cat stop feeding her kittens. my kittens are 7 weeks old and gracie (the mom) doesn't feed them anymore. is it ok????
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Are the kittens eating solid food and drinking water?? If so, they may be weaned from mom at this point.

This will be a little off topic for your question...but did you get George (the dad) neutered yet?? The reason I'm asking is that Gracie could get pregnant again and the only way to ensure that doesn't happen is to have George neutered and Gracie spayed (once her kittens have been adopted).

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george is fixed. so gracie doesnt have to feed them still
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Originally Posted by Septemberbabi09
george is fixed. so gracie doesnt have to feed them still
If they are eating kitten food and drinking water..she doesn't have to feed them. However, I would continue to hold on to them until they are 12 weeks of age so Gracie can continue to teach them.

BTW....I'm so happy to read that George has been neutered. Good for you!!!

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I concur with the above statements. If you can keep them till 12 weeks or so. My personal opinion is also to get asmany people to play with them as often as you can. Friends, neighbors who ever, this will help to socialize them to interact with more people.
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It isn't at all uncommon, nor is it unhealthy for the kittens to continue to nurse. Momma will stop nursing them when she feels compelled to and not a moment before. So long as your kittens are eating and drinking on their own, it cannot hurt them to continue nursing. Don't try to stop them or separate them from Momma - she will do that all on her own when the time comes for her to do it.

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The Answer That Momma Will Stop Nursing When She Wants To And Not A Minute Sooner--believe It. Our Siamese Nursed A Kitten From Birth To Two Years And We Tried Everything To Stop It But They'd Go To Some Corner And Continue. It Did Not Stop Until A Friend Begged To Buy Babs The Nursing One. Then We Old Had Katie The Surrogate Mom Left Of That Pair. That Was All That Stopped Them. I Think Our Other Kittens Tho Quit At About 8 Weeks, With An Occassional Relapse For A Few Weeks When One Wanted Warmth Or Felt Insecure Or Something--thirsty Or Just Had The Taste For The Original? Bev Ps. Mommma Usually Knows Best So I Wouldn't Worry About It Unless It Gets Ridiculus Like Babs Was With Katie The Surrogate. Babies Need The Extra Nourishment And Easier Digestability Of Mother's Milk. It Drains The Mom Of Nutrients Tho If It Is Too Much For Too Long (aka Ridiculous Time Lengths).
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