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Help -- Jordan's sick

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I'm sitting here so worried about Jordan, that I can't even think of going to bed. He was sneezing a little during the day on Friday, then Friday night he took a quick down hill slide. He developed a fever & started drooling. So when I got up Saturday I called thevet. I got him in & she gave him Amoxi (100 mg) 2 x daily & some L-Lysine supplement that's supposed to shorten the life of a virus. He got one Amoxi last night & 2 today, but he's not looking any better. He's still lathargic & will only eat chicken babby food. His dry food is out of the quesition, but I did get him to eat a little kitten food this morning. His temp was & still is 104. I just don't know what more I can do for him. The vet didn't give me any clue as to what might be going on. My main question is when do I take him back? How quickly should the anti-biotics work? I feel so helpless & I hate not being able to do anything for him.
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Call them as soon as they are next open. It could be that he needs a different antibiotic. Did they do any bloodwork at all - if so, did you get the results back yet?

I have in the past seen the current wonder drug Zithromax do nothing, but clavamox work and work rapidly. It all depends on what is wrong.

Yes, if it were me, I'd take him back in tomorrow morning. 104 is a fever you want to get down, and they may want to give him sub-q fluids to rehydrate him (if they feel he needs it).
Is he drinking water at all? If you gently pull up the skin between his shoulder blades, does it stay up, even for a partial second, like a tent? It should snap back immediately, the slower it does so, the longer the skin stays tented, the more dehyrated he is.

If you feel that Jordan is worsening tonight - totally unresponsive, higher fever, rapid breathing - I would get to an er clinic asap.

Just my 2 cents as a kitty mom.
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Thanks. Right now he's sleeping. He has not been drinking, but I was able to bring home sub-q fluids from the shelter I volunteer at. My last cat had kidney failure so I'm farmiliar with cheking for dehydration. The didn't do any blood work on Satruday. I was sort of annoyed because truth be told I could have gotten anti-biotics from the shelter also. I took him there hoping for some sort of explination as to why he got sick over night & in the hopes they would do something to bring his fever down. The vet said "well his tempurature could be because he worked himself up being in here." (he hates going to the vet & becomes very aggresive.) I took his temp around 6 before I gave him the second anti-biotic. I need to get some sleep, but I'm going to try to wait another hour before taking it again. It's just so hard to watch him lay there feeling so miserable & not be able to help him.
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I am sorry...I am terrible sometimes (not all the time) with remembering why a particular member is familiar. Of course you are familiar with sub-q's...I'm sorry I forgot.
I'm glad though, as dehydration was a concern of mine related to that fever, and you are able to juice him up a bit (as I call it when giving Patrick his sub-q fluids) it would also kick his appetite if he were dehydrated. (poor guys, constipation, dehydration, simply being too hungry for too long, these all knock their appetite off).

I hope Jordan begins to respond, and will be looking for your updates.
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My little guy came to us with a Upper Respitory Infection, and he had a lot of the same symptoms that your guy is showing (fever, sneezing, etc.) He also had runny eyes, but was also put on Amox. It took a few days for him to show improvement, but he did, and he's just fine now. Dont worry so much you're doing the best you can.
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Just a little update, I checked his fever before I went to bed it was 104.5, but this morning before I left for work it was 103.3. I'm hoping it's as low or better when I get home. He gave me a hard time about taking his temp so that's a good sign, he's normally a very sassy guy.
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