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Hi, I am new to all this, internet and forums, so forgive me if I make any mistakes.

I am a cat lover and have been all of my life. I have 5 babies, all rescued strays. Moe is 16, Booger is 13, Gizmoe is 10 and Biff and Barbi are about 10 months old. I have had them all "fixed". Unfortunately I had the first 3 declawed before I knew what it really was all about. My two new babies will not go through that and I wish I had not put my first 3 through it.

I hope I get the hang of this. I have been reading the forums since October when I subscribed to the newsletter. I have learned a lot and hope to learn more. I see you all like to post pictures of you "kids" unfortunately I have lots of photos of mine but none of them are digital and I do not have a scanner.

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Welcome Gizmoe !

:flower: Hope you like it here. If you read the forum regularly, it's useless telling you how great and friendly this site is. Anyway, if you want to talk "cat", you've come to the right place

I wish I had as many cats as you have ! 5 ! That starts to count. I have only one cat, Pitoune. Now I know I should have taken a second cat at the same time. After all, 2 cats isn't much more work than one... But I consider that it's too late now : my cat is too used in being on her own at home and I don't think she would really appreciate to have to share her owners' affection and territory with another one. She has been left alone too long and now she thinks she is sort of the queen around here...

I feel guilty a bit about it because I see that sometimes she gets bored and we are obviously not always there to play with her. If only I had taken another cat when I got her, she would have some company. I don't dare take the risk now, after having her for 5 years. If I take one and that it doesn't work, what do I do with the second cat ? I definitely can't imagine myself returning it...

:icecream: Oh well, anyway all this to say that your cats are lucky because they are not alone. I hope you tell us more about them later on.

Looking forward hearing from you again.
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Hi and welcome to The Cat Site! :baloon:
Gizmo is such a cute name, we would love to hear more about him and the rest of your kitties!!
Enjoy yourself and I hope to see you posting often!!
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Melinda - Welcome to TCS!
It sounds like you have a nice fur family there. Please post often and jump into the discussions....
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Yes, 5 cats is a lot (especially when it comes to the cat box), but the love and affection I get from them is more than enough compensation.

Moe is 16, she is a short haired black and grey tiger. She likes everyone.

Booger is 13 and she is a brown/orange/white tortise shell. She is shy and will run and hide if anyone is here. But she is my talker and she carries on a conversation with me every night when I come home.

Gizmoe is 10, she is a long haired grey/white/orange calio with a black spot on her chin (I almost named her Marilyn)She is my "doorstop" She stays mostly to herself but when anyone has food she is there.

Biff is about 10 months old and is my only male. He is a black/brown tiger. He is my little "superman" Whenever he sits or lays down both front legs are straight out in front of him. He runs away most of the time, but when he wants affection, he lets you know it.

Barbi is Biff's sister. She is a grey/lite grey tiger. She got her name because she was always poseing. She stays mostly to herself but she wants her attention and it always seems that is when I am in bed.

I will see if I can get my friend to help me put some pictures of them on the net so you can all see my brood.

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I hope you enjoy this forum as much as I do. I also have a cat named Gizmo! He is a "blue" persian. He is such a baby. If I ever got another cat while having him, he would have a fit. He gets so jealous of our dog already. Anyways! Your cats sound like angels! Enjoy!
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Welcome Gizmoe! Sounds like you have some really wonderful cats, there! I love the name Booger..
Glad to have you here with us at thecatsite, hope you make yourself at home!
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