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Weight and how to lose

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My Jasmine is 9 years old and about 14 lbs. She's definitely overweight I'd say. I've been trying to help her lose weight by cutting down on her pellets, but she is down to perhaps 1/2 cup a day of pellets now... seems reasonable to me.

She's been spayed and so she has a very floppy belly... which hangs low.

After finding this site, and learning that she needs to have wet food as well as kibble, I am attempting to change her pellet over to CSFTCLS from Science Diet, and introducing wet food as well. She's not liking the change in pellet yet, but I'm working with her.

She has full run of the house (2 levels) however mostly she just lays around, unless she's feeling quirky .

Any advice for how much an adult cat should weight... she's not overly tall, probably a medium sized cat. And any advice on how to help her to lose weight to get to an ideal weight?

Thanks so much!
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Did the vet say a Rx food was needed?? How over is she ??
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Mine did really well on Chicken Soup - but just would not go for the wet - I ended up changing them to Innova Evo to get some carbs out of their diet and it seems to be working.

When we got Scully he was over 30lbs - he lost 14lbs on a vet monitored diet in a year (its one of those don't try this at home things - mass weight loss not good for kitties).

First of all we cut his food down to half the amount on the bag's 'recommended amount', we took him off light foods, he wasn't allowed ANY treats at all, most importantly we played with him 2 hours a day so he was burning calories.

Cats should generally not lose more than 1/2lb a month maximum unless your vet is strictly monitoring the diet.
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