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Bailey's prize

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Bailey just scared me out of my wits and presented me with a huge garter snake! I thanked him for being a great hunter and proceeded to let the thing go in my neighbor's garden. It was huge!
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Hey, it's just a string that moves, after all : ! That's one thing that worried me with the indoor/outdoor cats when I was younger, that they might get ahold of a water moccasin or copperhead or something.

At least it was only a garter snake!
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Haha! Craig would've squealed if that happened to us MA. He's terrified of snakes, but they don't bother me at all. I used to have a pet snake.

You've got yourself some nice hunters there MA!
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MA...this would have been my reaction
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Bailey should give QT some pointers on snake hunting. QT catches them but they don't survive.
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OMG!!! I would TOTALLY have FREAKED out!!!!!!!!!
My little Missy Kitty SNEAKED outside last summer and got herself a groundmole. I was sitting on the couch, talking to my Mom and she ran up to my foot and dropped that dead, ugly, gross thing right on my FOOT!!!!!!!!!!!! :shocked I let out a huge scream, as I had NO idea what it was at first, OR where she got it!! I finally picked it up and headed to the door, and then realized the door had stuck open and THAT is how she got out to her fine, fun hunting trip!!!
--Boy, I am glad for you, though, that it was not a rattle snake or stray boa!!!
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I'm glad there don't seem to be snakes around here. I'm sure it wouldn't be necessary to go far out of town to find them, but that's one prezzie I'd rather not have to deal with. Mind, I have nothing against snakes. They're pretty, they're neat to watch, but I don't think I want one in my house, thanks. And Fawn would go for one, if she saw it, I'm sure. Long stringy things are her "bestest favouritest thing in the whole wide world" I'm sure you're very proud of Bailey.
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Awww! What a good hunter you have! I'm so glad my 2 shouldn't be catching any snakes!!!
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Wow I'm soooooooooooooooo glad we don't have snakes here in Kiwiland!
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