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Bored at work?

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Heres one for you Rhea! :laughing2

*Eight signs you have nothing to do at work*

1.You've already read the entire Dilbert page-a-day

2.You discover that staring at your cubicle wall long
enough produces images of Elvis.

3.You've figured out a way to get Gilligan off the

4.You decide to see how many Mountain Dews you can
drink before the inevitable explosion occurs.

5.People come into your office only to borrow pencils
from your ceiling.

6.No longer content with merely photocopying your butt,
you now scan and enhance it with Photoshop.

7.You now require only a single can of cola to belch
the names of all seven Dwarfs.

8.The 4th Division of Paperclips has overrun the
Pushpin Infantry, and General White-Out has called for

oh, and
#9...you spend hours at TCS!!! (personally I'm glad you're bored at work, otherwise I'd never see ya!)
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Oh how I wish I had internet access at the office!
Then I could do #9 all the time!

How about, you have learned to sleep at your desk with your eyes open?
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There's no chance I'll ever get paid to do #9 at work, I'm never bored there!!!! (insert slave-driver smilie here) A job where I could be bored would be nice for awhile though!!!!!!

(only teasing!!!)
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Cleo, that was cute!! I am always bored at work, but unfortunatley I don't have internet access there.
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Hmmm... I have enough work to do to keep me busy for the next month straight... yet I am a master at avoiding it. I can ignore piles of paperwork and surf the internet for hours on end and still make it look like I am actually working. So I don't know if I'm actually bored or if I have acquired the talent to merely appear bored. (And I wonder why the accounting never gets done. )
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:laughing2 :laughing2 :laughing2 Those were great Diane!

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if you get caught here at TCS while working, don't use any of these on your resume!

Following are a few gems taken from actual resumes

"Personal: I'm married with 9 children. I don't require
pre-scription drugs.

"I am extremely loyal to my present firm, so please
don't let them know of my immediate availability."

"Qualifications: I am a man filled with passion and
integrity, and I can act on short notice. I'm a class
act and do not come cheap."

"Note: Please don't misconstrue my 14 jobs as 'job-
hopping'. I have never quit a job."

"Number of dependents: 40."

"Marital Status: Often. Children: Various."

"Here are my qualifications for you to overlook."

me nervous."

"They insisted that all employees get to work by 8:45
every morning. Couldn't work under those conditions."

JOB RESPONSIBILITIES: "While I am open to the initial
nature of an assignment, I am decidedly disposed that
it be so oriented as to at least partially incorporate
the experience enjoyed heretofore and that it be
configured so as to ultimately lead to the application
of more rarefied facets of financial management as the
major sphere of responsibility."

"I was proud to win the Gregg Typting Award."

"My goal is to be a meteorologist. Since I have no
training in meteorology, I suppose I should try stock

"I procrastinate - especially when the task is

PHYSICAL DISABILITIES: "Minor allergies to house cats
and Mongolian sheep."
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HA HA Diane!!!! I'll have you know Im EMENSELY busy here at work... I've got so much to do!!! For example...... uh.... like.... umm..... making the coffee!!!! hah! and.... um..... you know, lots of things!!! Sheeeesh... and you think Im bored!!!! ha ha ha ha By the way.... thanks for the tips!!!
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Great thread cleo - and yep I been there, done that and i got the t-shirt and I finished the book last week :tounge2:
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