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Sick cat peeing

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My cat recently lost a lot of weight. I took him to the vet, did some blood tests and his kidney levels were high. We thought he was in renal failure and put him on low protein food. He ate some of the wet food but not much. Then he started hiding all day, peeing on the beds and he had very bad breathe and even his body smelled bad. I put him in a locked room so he wouldn't pee all over the house. In that room he only used the litter box. I got him more blood tests when he kept getting worse and there was no change. However the vet noticed that his teeth were even worse than they had been the month before. On a hunch he started giving him antibiotics for the teeth, a very soft high calorie food and fluid injections. In 24 hours I noticed a difference. He smelled better. Wolfed down the food and came out of hiding. We are crossing our fingers that the problem is his teeth and not the kidneys. Hopefully the levels were high because he lost so much weight because he wasn't eating. (I used to feed only hard food and had two cats so didn't notice that he may not have been eating anything for a period of time). I've let him have the run of the upstairs now that he doesn't want to hide but he hasn't stopped peeing in inappropriate places. He's peed on me on the couch twice and once on the bathmat. The litter box was very close to him both times.

Is he just doing this because he is not 100% better yet? Will this stop once he is 100%? I don't want to lock him away now that he doesn't feel like hiding all day but I also don't want him to pee all over the house. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Of course if this is the extent of the problem I need to deal with I will still be happy. Only a week ago I was positive that it was just a matter of time until I was going to lose him. Hopefully its just the teeth. Although expensive, that can be fixed.
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I would contact the vet again. Often when they pee outside of the box it's a sign of an infection. Maybe he has an additional health problem.
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Problems with chronic infections in the gums has been linked to early chronic renal failure. If you can get the teeth issues addressed, you may be able to save his kidneys. Best of luck,

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Yes, he needs antibiotics... quickly.
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