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Jupiter just did something disgusting..

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One of my conditions of Jupiter being and inside/outside cat is that he has a strict curfew. So at every night at 10.30 pm sharp I call him from the back door and prepare him a bowl of tasty cat food and fresh meat or chicken breast.

He came running in, rubbing round my legs and purring like mad. I put his bowl of cat food down and went back into the kitchen to get some chicken for Maverick. Looked down and Jupiter was still following me meowing.

So I followed him out to the conservatory, stopping to pat Maverick on the way. Big mistake!

When I looked up Jupiter was running towards me 100 mph flinging and batting something distinctively small, feathery and still alive.

I screamed and called my brother. By the time we had stopped screaming Jupiter had carried the (now dead) bird to the kitchen table and had presented it for us next to his cat food.

We think the roast chicken we had today for Sunday roast made him feel inferior as he had gone to the trouble of partially plucking the bluetit which was otherwise intact.

As much as i disagree with him killing creatures i was a little impressed that he had managed to bring it home and hadnt eaten it on the way.
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Awwww but he's brought you a present!!

Eeeek i'm pleased mine are indoors
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the worrying thing is if i hadnt caught him he would have left it on my pillow. every morning i wake up to find him giving me mouthfulls of royal canin he's carefully carried from his bowl. lol
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My sister STILL gives me grief for the indigo bunting (which she says was the only one in Alabama ) which Shado(RB) brought in something like 30 years ago!

He must've thought you were worth bringing a gift to though, I'd be flattered .
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Tell Jupiter thanks, but it wasn't enough to share with the entire family!
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Jupiter just wanted to show you how much you are loved..
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I bought teufel dried fish sticks for cats and i find it so funny he carries it around the appartment
but like susan said im glad mine is indoors
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flattered? no! well, maybe just a little....

this was one of the reasons why i didnt want him to be an outside/inside cat but until i move out theres not a lot i can do

the poor bird. how did he manage to pluck it?
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Go ahead, be flattered! As for the plucking, they use those tiny little front teeth that they use to tickle thru their fur when they groom...At least he gave it to you "dressed"! My cats bring me offerings that are already dead, but when my grandson is around, they bring it injured, so he can practice the art of "dispatching prey" himself - it's so gross!
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First give Jupiter a big scritch from me and tell him what a good kitty he is but you prefer your Game Fowl cooked and not Tartare...
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Your lucky he didnt eat it and throw it up later on your pillow!
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Oh, yes, do be flattered! It was a lovely prezzie -- though to be sure, as someone mentioned, not enough to go around. But that won't have bothered him one bit, because it wasn't meant for everyone -- it was meant for MUM

But I wouldn't worry too much about prezzies on the pillow. We get lots of prezzies, but there's never been one even in the bedroom, much less on the pillow. They're always placed where they will be seen before they can be stepped on.
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How cute a present for mommy ...cute but sad though
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You didn't let him eat it though did you
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Originally Posted by MeezerPleezer
You didn't let him eat it though did you
god no!

he wasnt interested in it when he saw there was cat food on offer

my brother disposed of it for me!
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MIne left a dead pigeon for me on the stairs the other day, just where I would step on it! At least this one was dead, the last pigeon Ellie brought in was alive, and I had to chase it out of the house with a broom. I have never had anything ready-to-eat brought me - they leave me to deskin/pluck their presents!
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