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Originally Posted by joanne511
I've had the misfortune of being run out of my apartment twice due to fires. The last one was just 2 weeks ago. I got Iris into a carrier within minutes (we keep them in our living room for easy access), but couldn't find Chloe anywhere. She wasn't hiding in her usual spots. To this day I'm still not sure where she wedged herself. I looked for over 5 minutes and when it got too bad I finally had to leave without her. Thankfully the firefighters were able to put the blaze out and my apartment was spared. It was horrible to have to leave her, but I knew I couldn't risk Iris and myself being trapped on our floor.
Oh, what a relief that your apartment was spared! What a horrible experience!
This is a good reminder for all of us to update our disaster/emergency plans!
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Originally Posted by Beckiboo
I would grab a few pets on my way out of a burning house, but would not reenter the house. And I would never send my dh or a kid back in for an animal.

DH would never "not move". He would be holding me, reminding me that he and the kids need me, and that he wouldn't allow me to go into a burning building for an animal, even one as precious as Festie, Gar or Misty (my dog). I would definitely tell the firemen about the cats, and ask them to try to find the kitties, with full fire equipment and protection.

I think it is very sad that Iris Call died trying to save her cat, and that the cat died as well. I do not fault her for her choices, but I am sad for her husband who lost his wife and their cat.

Usually entering a burning building is a fatal choice. It would be awful to go through losing a pet, but not worth losing your life in a symbolic gesture. That said, I would definitely go back in for a child!

I have to agree.
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Well, to her, this cat might have been the same as a child.
It's a very sad story.
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I would never leave without Sash. He is my child.
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Originally Posted by lisalee
I would never leave without Sash. He is my child.


bonnie, pandy and anassa are not just animals to me, they are family and i would go in to save them just like a mother would go in to save her child.

they rely on me, they don't have hands to open doors and would panic and hide until the fire got them, i could never leave them to a fate such as that. some people might just think they are animals and yes they are animals but they are damn special to me, i'd never forgive myself if i didn't at least try to save them.

if the house was just about burnt down and there was no hope then no i wouldn't go in but if there was a glimmer of a chance that i could save them then yes, i would.

i am always home too except every second weekend when i go away for a night to shop, i don't work and there is nothing for me to do in this town anyway.

the closest i came to a fire was once in our last house when i was cooking hash browns in oil, the oil was very hot and i turned away to do something and i could see orange flickering reflected in the tiles near the sink, i knew i couldn't use water and i didn't have anything to put the fire out with, i stood and stared and it for a few minutes trying to decide what to do, meanwhile, the flame was reching toward the ceiling, i finally decided to just grab the pan and take it outside, easier said than done lol, it was hot and oil was spitting out at me, i ran with it as fast as i could and threw it on the grass, then i finally realised i could throw sand on it

when i went back inside i couldn't find bonnie, she's all i had at that time, she was hiding in the cupboard in my bedroom cowering right near the back

another time i could smell something funny for a few hours, i started to feel dizzy and weird, after a while i finally realised i'd left the gas on to the oven, good thing i didn't light a smoke
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Without a doubt.

I was in a situation where my stove cought fire, the first thing i did was get the birds down from the ceiling and get them oputside, and then my dog, who was hiding under my bed, trying to get away from the smoke. I then tried to put it out befoire leaving the house. Thank god it wasn't bad. I didn't ahve the cats at that point in time.
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