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New picture

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This is Dexter...
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This is Sheba...
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And this is Jack..
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What pretty kitties you have!
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Thank you...
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Awww. so adorable! Jack looks like he was trying to leave nose prints on the camera!
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Cute! Hello Dexter, Sheba and Jack!

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What 3 little sweetie pies you have there
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Jack wants a kiss!
Sheba and Dexter like being photographed!
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They're so sweet! Thanks for sharing.
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AWE.... cuties!
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I love Sheba!
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What a cute gang!
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Awwww, what cutie pies!! I think Jack is related to April Joy, Cosette and Sophie!
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thanks for sharing!! I love the orange kitty, too adorable!!
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All of them are cutie patooties!
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Thanks to all for looking..
I do enjoy looking at everyone's pictures, as well as sharing mine.
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A big kiss right on Jack's nose!
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Cute pics! Dexter fills that cat bed right up!
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Love your kits!!
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