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Bad choice of toys

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Hello! I am new to this forum, and have a problem with our new cat.

Oscar "the Wilde" came from the local SPCA. He is about thirteen weeks old, and we adopted him three weeks ago. He is a very active, playful cat (hence, the name wilde), and will play with just about anything he can get his paws on.

The problem is that anything he can get his paws on includes clumps of waste out of his litter box. He gets a clump out onto the floor, and starts batting it around the apartment. Is there anyway to discourage this behavior?
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Pick it up and give him something else. I had one cat do this when climping litter first came out - foretunately he outgrew it! *whew*
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How high are the sides of the litter box? Is it a covered one? I'm thinking a higher sided and covered litter box would make is slightly more difficult for him to paw out the clumps. Of course, not all cats like covered litter boxes either.
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Why not switch to non-clumping, at least till he breaks the habit? I prefer non-clumping anyway.
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Does he have any other toys to play with? I would put balls and toys all over the house. Maybe then he will stop this habit!
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Yup...calls for more easy to toss and play with balls. I highly recommend Crinkleballs - in full size or the smaller Crinkleball mini.
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Ah, poop hockey. Once a favorite pastime in my house. The only way we avoided the problem was to follow Oliver into the box and scoop as soon as he was done--this was when he was tiny.
I'd say switch to non clumping litter for now and scoop the box as often as possible.
Eventually the poop-hockey no longer appeals to them, and they find other, more clever ways to destroy your home!
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Oscar has plenty of toys, and a litter box with a detachable rim. I don't know he gets those things out of there. Unfortunately, following him in there is not a possibility, unless he does it when we're around, which so far he hasn't. He plays with just about everything, and hides his toys so we can't find them (so far the solution is to keep buying him more, but that's not a solution I'll keep putting up with).
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use a big storage tub as a litter tray. it'll make thm even harder to get out of the litter tray.
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