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Kitten ?

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Ok the kittens will be nearing 8 weeks soon and someone is interested in adopting one of them. Do you think it will be ok to let one go and the mom won't freak out right? Cuz I have the mom in the same room with them though. There eating and everything.
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i'd wait until 10-12 weeks if possible as there is still much for the mother to teach them.
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In my opinion, eight weeks is the minimum, but preferably 9-10, but if this is the only chance, I'd say it's okay. That's my opinion. Most kittens I've found homes for were between 8-10 weeks, and their new owners all said everything was going fine. There's only been one litter we gave up to a pet store that was younger than eight weeks old... they were 7 weeks old, but I had absolutely no choice. The momma kept getting pregnant, and if we didn't do something now, she would get pregnant again. I felt bad, but I had to do it.
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